The leaf of Costus pictus D. Don is considered as an antidiabetic in folklore medicine and is known to reduce the blood sugar, similar to insulin. PDF | To explore the micro morphology and physicochemical parameters of the leaves of Costus pictus D. Don (Costaceae). Macroscopy. Painted Spiral Ginger is a perennial herb, native to Mexico. It has long narrow leaves with a characteristic wavy edges. The bases of the sheaths are mottled with.

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Hypothyroid group rats exhibited dramatic increase in thyroid-stimulating hormone TSH levels plctus concomitant depletion in the picyus of thyroid hormones. Plasma ALT level showed an increase, but it was not significant. Totally, forty rats were randomized into four groups with ten rats in each group.

Body weight, food intake and water intake The results of body weight, food intake and water intake is shown in [ Table 2 ]. Its root is anodyne, antibacterial, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, carminative, skin, stimulant, stomachic, tonic and vermifuge. Diabetes Vs herbal medicines. It has been reported in previous studies that pentacyclic triterpenes such as betulinic acid alleviates experimental hypothyroidism.

Costus pictus ‘Red Stem’

Antidiabetic activity of methanol extract of Costus pictus D. A rapid and simple MTT-based spectrophotometric assay for determining drug sensitivity in monolayer culture. Rats in C group did not receive any intervention throughout the experimental period. High-density lipoprotein; H group: Treatment with Costus pictus leaf extract in hypothyroid rats significantly improved the thyroid profile. Thyroidectomized hypothyroid model was piictus used because pictud thyroidectomized rats there is danger of removal of associated parathyroid glands resulting in tetany.

Int J Diabetes Dev Ctries ; We have reported in our earlier studies with C. Effect of Costus pictus extract on parameters of liver and kidney function in the experimental groups. In comparison with control, PTU-induced hypothyroid rats exhibited a significant decrease in body weight. Recent studies have reported that a significant number of hypothyroid patients on levothyroxine replacement therapy experience decreased neurocognitive function and lead poorer quality of life despite being biochemically euthyroid.


Costus pictus ‘Red Stem’ – Gingerwood Nursery

At the beginning of the study, all the groups showed normal thyroid profile. The possible active principles alpha and beta amyrins were identified and quantified in the extract through LC-MS. The glucose uptake was not enhanced by the extract of C. Forty male Wistar rats were randomly divided into four groups with ;ictus rats in each group: Total cholesterol was measured using cholesterol oxidase—peroxidase method Genuine Bio-systems, Chennai, Indiatriglycerides TGs using an enzymatic glycerol phosphate oxidase—peroxidase method Agappe Diagnostics, Kerala, Indiaand high-density lipoprotein HDL cholesterol by the cholesterol oxidase—peroxidase method Lab-Care Diagnostics, Mumbai, India.

The four groups are as follows: The data cosths transcripts related to pathways of bixin, geranial and geraniol biosynthesis which are known to be peroxixome proliferator activated receptors PPAR agonists and anti-glycation agents.

Modification to picrus dye, procedure giving improved sensitivity and reliability. Effect of dietary wine pomace extract and oleanolic acid on plasma lipids in rats fed high-fat diet and its DNA microarray analysis. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Biochemical basis of the antidiabetic activity of oleanolic acid and related pentacyclic triterpenes.

The amount of food and water intake was markedly reduced in the hypothyroid group in comparison with control. The absorbance of each reaction mixture was measured at nm.

The present study was conducted to evaluate the effect of C. This was one of our quickest projects, which took cosfus just five months to complete and publish. Plasma was separated and used for the estimation of thyroid profile, biochemical parameters, and inflammatory markers.

Antihyperlipidemic effects of pitus extracts in alloxan-induced diabetes and propylthiouracil-induced hypothyroidism in rats Pharmacognosy Res.

The microtiter plates were precoated with anti-CRP antibodies. Biochemical and histopathological studies of the PTU-induced hypothyroid rat kidney with reference to the ameliorating role of folic acid. Hypothyroid H — no intervention in Phase 1 and 0. At the end of the study, there was no significant difference in fasting plasma glucose in hypothyroid group; however, 2 h postglucose load value was significantly elevated in this group in pictys with control group [ Table 4 ].


Don plant has anti-diabetic properties.

His areas of research interest include molecular basis of metabolic syndrome, post-menopausal state, chronic renal failure, hypothyroidism and effects of treatment with medicinal plant extracts like green tea, amla Indian goose berrysoy isoflavones and insulin plant in alleviating the complications of some the above mentioned pathological conditions in experimental animal models.

The major attraction of this plant is its stem with spiral leaves and light airy and tissue paper like flowers.

Hypothyroid rats exhibited dramatic increase in thyroid-stimulating hormone TSH levels with concomitant depletion in the levels of thyroid hormones. Current approaches and future possibilities. Interactions between thyroid disorders and kidney disease. Dr Annadurai S Ramasamy, former research director, Genotypic Technology, tells BioSpectrum that on learning about this plant, he became curious to study its probable anti-diabetic properties and initiated a next generation sequencing NGS -based approach to sequence the C.

Treatment with the extract resulted in remarkable improvement in thyroid profile. Drug Des Devel Ther. Treatment for primary hypothyroidism: Liver and kidney tissues were homogenized using 0. For estimation of FT3, standards and samples were added to microtiter plates precoated with antibody specific to FT3.

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Table 5 Effect of Costus pictus extract on parameters of liver and kidney function in the experimental groups. The presence of oxidative stress further augments the hepatic and renal damage caused due to thyroid hormone insufficiency.

Please review our privacy policy. Nadumane, VK and Rajashekar, S. However, there are certain limitations associated with levothyroxine replacement therapy.