Cryptographie `a base de courbes elliptiques: algorithmes et implémentation. Sorina Ionica. IMB, Université de Bordeaux. Sorina Ionica (IMB). Elliptic Curve. L’ANSSI publie un paramétrage de courbe elliptique adapté aux besoins en Dans le domaine de la cryptographie asymétrique, la cryptographie fondée sur. JPB2 * 株式会社リコー 画像符号化装置、符号 復号化装置、画像符号化方法、符号復号化方法、プログラム及び記憶媒体.

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Kind code of cryptoggaphie document: Ref legal event code: Country of ref document: Year of fee payment: A method and apparatus to provide authentication and privacy with low complexity devices.

Power analysis by exploiting chosen message and internal collisions—vulnerability of checking mechanism for RSA-Decryption. Methods and apparatus for providing efficient password-authenticated key exchange.

Method for securing a computer installation involving a cryptographic algorithm using boolean operations and arithmetic operations and the corresponding embedded system. Cryptographic security using fuzzy credentials for device and server communications. Authentication system executing an elliptic curve digital signature cryptographic process.


Countermeasure method in an electronic component using a public key cryptography algorithm on an elliptic curve. Van Dijk et al.

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