Posts about CryEngine written by hownot2code. CryEngine 3 SDK made a decision to upload the source code of their game engine CryEngine V to Github. Cryengine 5 / #55 Track View Tiefenschärfe / Tutorial German. Startegel Anno Moving a project from Cryengine EaaS to Cryengine 5. Black Hat Studio. 3. Hi there, I have been busy with CryEngine 3 (CE3) last days, after all these / cryengine-3/tutorials/how-to-create-a-new-vehicle-in-cryengine

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Now, I wanna check out cry engine. If you want some funky fantasy game or even cartoony game. Its just that CE3 was crhengine some weeks ago, so you can’t expect much in that area.

Apr 11, Posts: My company, as in my day job, uses CryEngine for simulation work and it works pretty well. But with the rate Unity is gaining speed, this gap, I believe, is going to close. Unity doesn’t provide tools to control this mess, UDK does and it still sucks So what could still make you tutoriak CE3 instead of Unity, even if you are happy with the visuals of Unity Pro?!

It’s just deadly in Unity. And in terms of making a game engine, that is of course significantly a diffucult thing to do, but it is also a small percentage of the whole. The ones I described were directly filled by CE3. Additionally many other things that “can” be implemented to some extend like destructible environment, just can’t be implemented efficiently and then were is the point about that? I argue exactly the opposite.

The question is how it works with a real environment, how many of the meshes get batched etc. It’s basically a fancy FPS.

Can Cryengine 3 be used to make a 2d game ?

And another thing is you can dump this out in the usual CE3 mesh format “CGF” and read it back in later. Not a single one.

It crashed while ddutsch ocean. And I think Unity is ahead in all those regards. So maybe the “need” to use CE4 and UDK4 will be reduced by then, because the visual quality of Unity 5 will be high enough to feel good.


But that very degree is just high enough to make it suitable for proper advertisement while it will do you no good in a productive environment. They have enough money and they have enough support to sustain themselves for the time needed to get to that level, so I fully believe they will.

The simple demo scene “Forest” already combines a lot of effects that are unmatched when compared even to vivid commercial Unity titles It’s got quite the head start on Unity. I really enjoyed reading your post, very interesting! ChickenlordSep 29, Honestly, I am not too optimistic for 3. Unfortunately, like a fourteen year still suckling his mother’s bosom, the people who grow up on Unity become fat, lazy, and unable to move on to bigger and better game engines.

The CE3 Sandbox editor is ingenious and well I don’t find any words for it! A lot code can be reused in CE3 since I focused on gameplay and not so much on rendering since I had the hope that Unity would catch up until I am done but now I doubt it; or let’s say I can’t wait anymore.

And the unity rendering engine is not multithreaded yet. Unity’s default SSAO shader could be better, it’s shadows could be better, but both are in active development.

Cryengine 5 / #55 Track View Tiefenschärfe / Tutorial German

As to you suggestions to create your own post-effects. CE3 also has anti-cheat build in PunkBuster and a lot of places to hook in your own solutions. I am personally a big computer graphics nerd and understand very in-depthly all the ways that cryengine is vastly superior in the rendering department to Unity, or really anything else. Unity allows you to create any image effect you want if you have the skills.

Yes, its about CryEngine 3 again…

I wont never need it for work, but it will be nice to check out. It just looks damn awesome, without doing anything. Even if you cgyengine workaround some of the many issues that will arise, you won’t get any decent look due to lack of global illumination and in fact much morewhich is only provided by the static Beast Lightmapping.


I wish you the best luck in this adventure and hopefully you will keep us informed on your new findings. Well deitsch there is much more, since I was only talking about non-editor related stuff.

In my opinion it is good that you see it as a first step in AAA universe. May 13, Posts: The role of Ttorial is to help introduce people into the paradigm of game development. In terms of graphical beauty I don’t think cryengine is really years ahead of Unity.

And regarding image effects or post processing, which a lot of people make comparisons to and claim CE is better at Also CE3 is rather intended for games that are usually not reutsch with Unity at all, except things like “Interstellar Marines” MrBurnsSep 30, That is quite funny because this very scene would already come in a range close to what Unity can do at all, but it is a god damn empty default scene in CE3.

Use Visual Studio, or maybe MonoDevelop?! MrBurns seems to be looking for an engine that he can mod deitsch fit his needs.


But what you get with CE3 by “default” is just beyond measure, and I am not kidding. I will remember Unity if I ever create a mobile game it is sure excellent at this one Feb 27, Posts: At least that was the CE3 terrain tutorial I have been watching!

Is there a single indie-produced game in or past development utilizing the CryEngine that is also a commercially viable product?