Laserworld CSRGY Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Laserworld CSRGY User Manual. laserworld cs – rgy manual laser show laserworld cs – rgy manual. Laserworld is an important supplier of laser light show laser systems. Laserworld EL RGY. EL RGY. (1 reviews) Laserworld CS RGY. CS RGY Laserworld LAZER CS MW RGY. LAZER CS MW RGY.

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Originally Posted by JimmyV. I know that after I set the lasers 040rgy with the replacement diodes, the beams were much less bright than new, but I was happy with this, hoping that they would last a long time. Here is the datasheet for the Rohm diodes I used Regarding the original diodes. I set the current to mA for each diode, put the lasers back together, and after 400rgyy 50 hours, all the reds are dead again.

The original diodes lasted marginally longer.

There are 4 power supply boards that would have to have the same problems if it were them, and they look pretty good they aren’t skimpy, and have lots of components, so I must assume that they are well engineered, and that every RGY doesn’t have this identical issue!? Lasorb is a good unit that will help you protect your doide.

laserworld cs rgy – ilda how to ? – Blue Room technical forum

I’m pretty sure Laserworld doesn’t manufacture these – they’re bought in from China. This is easy to know, power your doide and let it CW working normal hours and you always usingto see the heatsink is hot or not, as laser show using is always TTL or Analogue using, which product small heat than CW using, if CW no problems, TTL or Analogue is not problems.


I had heard this and searched around and found the exact same laser casing with a different power claim maybe Laserworld tweaked under a different cx. Yes, most terrible is Static, the driver consider static design is very important for lasers. I the second set died in both cases in the same way maybe you are getting minor back reflection from the pbc.

Thanks for your reply.


Green nm, 4W, 10W, 15W blue nm, 2W, 3. Results 1 to 10 of The guy I bought them from in Germany wasn’t too helpful, so I am on my own. The reflections of the reds do go directly back to the source. Poor doides, I don’t used any Rohm products, so can’t say anyhing, 400rby most people here are used ML series products.

Hi Cyaniron, welcome to PL forums. All 4 of the red diodes stopped working about 50 hours from new. Originally Posted by White-Light. All you mentioned all will give your problems: The time now is Can’t remember the manufacturer off the top though. Quick Navigation Lasers, All Kinds.

When I said 50 hours. I put them in the mounting ‘barrels’ using conductive paste. Lorenzo from Italy www. Join Date Nov Location Coming to a theatre near you! I have 2 of these units. I cant remember if I measured the voltage fs the diodes. I dont know what they were, but they looked identical to me, ie.


Read hrs, I didnt measure the time, but it was that kind of order. Originally Posted by bridge. Does this mean that in other better designed units that the cube is at a slight angle to stop this happenning?

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Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Join Date Sep Posts I didnt want to do it again in a hurry! I just check it and know it is a pulse mW red lasers, what it’s Spec of CW working?

Its a lot of work stripping down the laser, replacing diodes, soldering, refocussing, setting current, aligning, rebuilding. Anyway, I set the current at ma when the diode was warm, say after 5 minutes on CW. Dream beanz, Thanks, That sound like a very plausible theory. Join Date Apr Posts Here is a picture of what the laser looks like inside. I figured that this was well below what they should be capable of, and so they would last a long time.

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