Integral. Given an input image $pSrc$ and the specified value $nVal$, the pixel value of the integral image $pDst$ at coordinate (i, j) will be computed as. NVIDIA continuously works to improve all of our CUDA libraries. NPP is a particularly large library, with + functions to maintain. We have a realistic goal of. Name, cuda-npp. Version, Summary. Description, CUDA package cuda-npp. Section, base. License, Proprietary. Homepage. Recipe file.

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# (filter “scale_npp” fails to select correct algorithm (Nvidia CUDA/NPP scaler)) – FFmpeg

The replacements cannot be found in either CUDA 7. The mirroring operations will be memory bound and newer devices are flexible in which types of memory access patterns they will handle efficiently. We have a realistic goal of providing libraries with a useful speedup over a CPU equivalent, that are are tested on all of our GPUs and supported OSes, and that are actively improved and maintained.

The square of which would be clamped to if no result scaling is performed. I’m using CUDA 5. Oldest first Newest first Threaded. You’ll have to complain to Nvidia about that.

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NVIDIA Performance Primitives

Although one can influence the result with a different pixel shift and thereby produce distinguishable images from the algorithms does this also cause a minor shift in the image itself, which isn’t acceptable.


The default stream ID is 0. Where the algorithms produced identical output for all 50 frames do they show identical checksums. To avoid the level of lost information due to clamping most integer primitives allow for result scaling.

The following command on Linux is suggested:. I got maximum speedup in 16 bit Single channel image of size xwhich was It also allows the user the maximum flexibility regarding which of the various memory transfer mechanisms offered by the CUDA runtime is used, e.

cuda-npp 9.0.252-1

For example, on Linux, to compile a small application foo using NPP against the dynamic library, the following command can be used:. This disambiguation of different flavors of a primitive is done via a suffix containing data type and other disambiguating information.

Because of this fixed-point nature of the representation many numerical operations e. No, there is more than one bug. The final bpp for a signal value of being squared and scaled would be:. In short, this function is a sinking ship.

After getting some info from the Nvidia forums and further reading is this the situation as it presents itself to me: I personally like ArrayFire’s image processing selection and have found it to be fast, accelereyes. You may be confusing “deprecated” with “removed”. The minimum scratch-buffer size for a given primitive e.


I don’t know yet how this affects the algorithms, but a first test with the shifts changed to 0. This list of sub-libraries is as follows:. I tested on 4 types of images and 2 different sizes.

Further does it say: It may only be the filter will get removed due to this lack of support, for having a low image quality and being bound to a specific hardware and ccuda external library.

For example the data-type information “8u” would imply that the primitive operates on Npp8u data.

This will insure that any internal function calls that have not yet occurred will be completed using the current stream ID before it changes to a new ID.

These allow to specify filter matrices, which I interpret as a sign of quality improvement and a confession on the poor quality of the ResizeSqrPixel? There are no more identical outputs. Visit the Trac open source project at http: What was the difference, in percent? Primitives with result scaling have the “Sfs” suffix in their name and provide a parameter “nScaleFactor” that controls the amount of scaling.

If it turns out to be with Nvidia cdua who knows when or if this gets fixed.