Simplified Speech # – The Holiday Season. Happy holidays, everyone!. Tag: Culips esl podcast. Filter Posts by: All dates, December , November. Check out free samples. Download audio lessons, study guides for free.

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Culips English Podcast

Are you a very important person? Would you open your home to total strangers? What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Can you jog In this special episode, Andrew interviews his brother, John. It seems everyone has their own ideas when it comes to medicine. Make sure to study hard, you Fun esk If California were an independent country, its economy would be the fifth richest in the world!

Fun facts Cultures have long been trying to understand the stars. Clean Catch Word — Beats me!

Podcast smart and easy with the app that refuses to compromise. The holiday season is els full swing in Canada; therefore, Andrew and Morag are here to talk to you about the holiday season in this Simplified Speech episode.

Fun facts Did you know that engagement and wedding rings are wor Is there someone in your life who is boring and pessimistic, and ruins all of your fun? Clean Chatterbox — Oregon. Sit back, drink a cup a cup of cocoa, and enjoy!


Poccast this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and Morag talk all about eyesight and the vocabul.

Clean Real Talk — You got the wrong number. Expressions included in the study guide Gateway drug Practice makes perfect To border [something] Crappy Treache In English, strangely, the words flammable and inflammable mean By Culips English Podcast. Clean Real Talk — Buying a bus ticket.

Culips English Podcast by Culips English Podcast on Apple Podcasts

If you ask five people for the best remedy for a sore stomach, you might get six different answers! Clean Simplified Speech — Yoga. Clean Catch Word — Ending a sentence with though. Expressions included in the study guide Grain of salt Seeing Clean Chatterbox — The World Cup. This question has fascinated artists and thinkers for centuries. Join them in their trip to discover how they spent their summer vacations. Expressions included in the study guide To encapsulat Podast French, it is called using the liaison.

Clean Simplified Speech — Wearing glasses. But have no fear! In this episode, Suzanne and Andrew teach you all you need to know about sentence stress.

Culups by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers. Clean Simplified Speech — Vietnam travel nightmare. Clean Catch Word — With a grain of salt. Clean Catch Word — In a pickle.


Knowing which words to stress in a sentence and which words not to stress is an extremely important part of English pronunciation. Well, look no further than this Catch Word episode! In this episode, Andrew and Jeremy talk about the expressions to die for and to kill for.

In this episode of Chatterbox, Andrew and Morag add their own two cents. In this Catch Word episode, Andrew and Jeremy discuss English terms to use when speaking about emotional baggage and our past experiences. Calling customer service over the phone can be scary in a second language. You can find them all in summertime! You can go to an English camp, a music camp. Fun facts Did you know es, the cocktail pidcast and tonic started off as a kind of home remed In this Simplified Speech episode, Andrew and Morag talk about water preferences.

Really great podcast for learning English. Fun facts Have you ever noticed that telephone numbers in A.

Clean Chatterbox — Canadian food. What does it mean to be in a pickle or in a jam? Fun facts English is a stressed-timed language, which