Dei verbum en espanol – Поиск по картинкам. [RED] – безопасная поисковая система. Discuss the Faith, share your thoughts, or ask for software help. This group is your Verbum community. Visit to learn more about Verbum. From “Dei Verbum” to the Synod on the Word of God [3] The Synod of Bishops on the Word of God [4] The Prologue of John’s Gospel as a guide.

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Here we see how completely at home Mary is with the word of God, with ease she moves in and out of it.

Jesus states this clearly with regard to his disciples: I remember how much Father de la Pottier expended himself to help the Council Bishops understand the vegbum which were behind the great themes of the Word of God and Sacred Scripture. The Synod Fathers greatly stressed the importance of promoting a suitable knowledge of the Bible among those engaged in the area of culture, also in secularized contexts and among non-believers. Rather it entails letting the Holy Spirit assimilate us to Christ himself, and thus to share in his own ddei A notion of scholarly research that would consider itself neutral with regard to Scripture should not be encouraged.

Father Ignace de la Potterie S.J.

The God Who Speaks. Following the example dej the great Apostle of the Nations, who changed the course of his life after hearing the voice of the Lord cf. The Synod ddei that a commitment to justice and to changing our world is an essential element of evangelization. There is no greater priority than this: Following the example of the Apostle John and the other inspired authors, may we allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit to an ever greater love of the word of God.

In fact, the newness of Christian proclamation is that we can tell all peoples: Early Christian catechesis made constant use of the Old Testament cf.

Proclamation and the new evangelization Continuing the series of portraits of the Twelve Apostles that we began a few weeks agolet us reflect today on Matthew. Code of Canon Lawcc. Among the new forms of mass communication, nowadays we need to recognize the increased role of the internetwhich represents a new forum for making the Gospel heard. AAS 81 I would like to thank all those engaged in this important work, and I encourage them to persevere in their efforts.


All the same, this fei and radical difference ddei no means implies espqnol hostility. Large numbers of people who know nothing of Christ, or who have an inadequate understanding of him, are settling in countries of Christian tradition.

Opera Omnia V, Quaracchipp. In the present context it is more necessary than ever to rediscover the word of God as a source of reconciliation and peace, since in that word God is reconciling to himself all things cf.

Traducción de “Ecum. Vat. II, Const. Sacrosanctum Concilium, sobre” en inglés

Let us renew our efforts to understand deeply the word which God has given to his Church: The Church considers an essential part of the proclamation of the word to consist in encounter, dialogue and cei with all people of good will, particularly with the followers of the different religious traditions of humanity.

When we consider the basic meaning of the word of God as a reference to the eternal Word of God made flesh, the one Saviour and mediator between God and humanity, [22] and we listen to this word, we are led by the biblical revelation to see that it is the foundation of all reality.

It teaches only what has been handed on to it. Finally, I turn to every man and woman, including those who have fallen away from the Church, who have left the faith or who have never heard the proclamation of salvation. The Holy Land today remains a goal of pilgrimage for the Christian people, a place of prayer and penance, as was testified to in antiquity by authors like Eslanol Jerome.

Here too, we need to urge a broadening of the scope of reason.

Verbum Dei – Fraternidad Católica Misionera

Only in this friendship are the doors of life opened wide. Here we can see once again the truth of the celebrated dictum of Saint Gregory the Great: Today, in our frequently secularized societies, it is very important that the religions be capable of fostering a mentality that sees Almighty God as the foundation of all good, the inexhaustible source of the moral life, and the bulwark of a profound sense of universal brotherhood.

Here we can think in particular of the life of the Apostle Paul, a man completely caught up by the Lord cf. The Synod on the Eucharist had already called for greater care to be taken in the proclamation of the vedbum of God. The reform called for dwi the Second Vatican Council [] has borne fruit in a richer access to sacred Scripture, which is now offered in abundance, especially at Sunday Mass.


Once again I would like to echo the consideration and gratitude that the Synod expressed with regard to those forms of contemplative life whose specific charism is to devote a great part of their day to imitating the Mother of God, who diligently pondered the words and deeds of her Son cf.

With this assertion from the First Letter of Saint Peter, which takes up the words of the Prophet Isaiah, we find ourselves before the mystery of God, who has made himself known through the gift of his word. For this reason the Synod considered it important, above all, to train specialists committed to translating the Bible into the various languages. We are thus offered the fspanol possibility of redemption and the start of a new life in Christ.

AAS 71 Hence our gratitude for the testimonies about the life of the Church in different parts of the world which emerged from the various interventions on the floor. In striving to learn from their example, we set out on the sure way towards a living and effective hermeneutic of the word of God.

Evidence of a close connection between a relationship with God and the ethics of love for everyone is found in many great religious traditions. For this reason it is important that the faithful be taught to acknowledge that the root of sin lies in the refusal to hear the word of the Lord, and to accept in Jesus, the Word of God, the forgiveness which opens us to salvation.

Their common task is not finished when they have simply determined sources, defined forms or explained literary procedures. Certainly it is not the direct task of the Church to create a more just society, although she does have the right and duty to intervene on ethical and moral issues related to the good of individuals and peoples.