Sometimes, however, verbs rely on the nouns that accompany them for their meaning. When this happens, we call such verbs ‘delexical’ (or ‘light’) verbs. Verbs with little meaning: delexical verbs. There are a number of very common verbs which are used with nouns as their object to indicate simply that someone. Bath and chance are not verbs. “*Take a choose” is grammatically incorrect since choose is a verb. To make it grammatically correct you can.

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See the meagre introduction to this important vocabulary sector given by the British Council.

Delexical Verbs – Methodologies and Approaches in ELT

Both have and take are delexical verbs, and their combinations with “bath” are collocations which are almost delexicl in this case there may be a regional preference. Go ahead, give it a kick! Por favor, dale a Sally un gran abrazo de mi parte. I made a secret signal to him. The Government fought against suggestions that it should take full blame for the affair. Zoe gave a sigh of relief. He made an attempt to calm down.

Sutton gave verbw shout of triumph.

Make for more delexical structures with these two verbs. Some of these nouns refer to verbal or facial actions. He gave a vague reply. When you use the word as a noun in a delexical structure, you are naming an event, something which is complete.


My dad always gives me good advice. Meadows look a bite of meat. Call and tell us your English-lenguage needs and we find the best solution tailored for you. A few students were drinking at the bar.

“Delexical Verbs”

Take a breakyou look exhausted. She gave an amused laugh. For example, ‘She gave a scream’ suggests that she could not help deleixcal. Although the total number of delexical verbs is small, they include some of the very commonest words in the language. Please give Sally a big hug for me! Here is a list of nouns which refer to such actions: He took photographs of Vita in her summer house.

The first set of nouns are count nouns; the second set of nouns are uncount nouns or always either singular or plural: There is usually a related verb which can be used followed by a reported clause.

Don’t you think that delexocal are a bit idiomatic? Take a breakyou look exhausted. He gave him a good kick. You made the right decision.

For example, we have a coffee; do exercise; make a cake; take a photograph. A vergs lexical verb can often be used instead of its delexical counterpart.


I had a glimpse of the speedometer. Here is a list of nouns which refer to speech actions: I don’t what kind of word of to describe it, structure? Here is a list of nouns which refer to delexicwl or facial actions: She gave a cry when I came in.

The label on this antiobiotic says it’s expired.

One candidate resigned, deciding that banking was not for her. Elaine gave eelexical a hug. I mean I don’t focus on their plain meanings rather than. His work was to take photographs while flying over Germany. To have a any chance means there is some possibility of success.

She made a remark about the weather. Post as a guest Name. Work experience allows students to make more effective career decisions.

I need to take dekexical longhot bath. It is very common for non-native English speakers to have difficulty when using these expressions. Another group of nouns are often preceded by an indirect object because they describe activities which involve someone else, apart from the subject. Let’s not have a quarrel.