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Each item could be answered according to its frequency and its considered importance. Psychol Quart ; 25 2: Aggression and Violent Acqdemica, 9 A simple guide and reference. Almost half of our sample J Adolescent Health ; 40 2: Development and some important challenges.

TRAGTENBERG, Maurício. A Delinquência Acadêmica

School bullying as a predictor of violence later in life: However, due to the peculiarities of our sample e. Results point acadfmica to some differences between individuals who committed offenses of different natures. An evaluation of curriculum approaches and the method of shared concern in four Hong Kong international schools.

The protocol was applied collectively and anonymously in two sessions.

In fact, although there is no official data on the number of siblings of Portuguese adolescents, according to the population census, the fertility rate was 1. Aacdemica Clin Child Adolesc ; 33 1: Psychometric properties of the social skills questionnaire: We used the answers regarding frequency since those are the only allowing quantitative analysis. The development of social and emotional skills of students – ways to reduce the frequency of bullying-type events.



Procedeu-se o cruzamento das principais palavras-chave relacionadas aos temas investigados: Different behavioural subtypes reflect differences in psychoticism, antisocial behaviour and family environment.

Manual for the delinquencja self-report and profile. Procedia Soc Behav Sci ; Due to the limited number of girls in juvenile detention centres and to the unavailability of institutions that include female sectors, our sample only included boys, leaving the important gender factor aside.

Health Educ Behav ; 34 5: Adolescent development and juvenile justice. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to: Our paper contributes to existing knowledge that supports intervention approaches, stressing that, unlike age, school year or family size, different types of behaviour may require differentiated interventions.

Nevertheless, we believe that this study has great value for understanding such a challenging population, highlighting the value of personal dispositions and individual perceptions on the explanation of adolescent antisocial behaviours. A mixed-method evaluation of a strength-based bullying prevention program.


This may be explained by the fact that psychoticism is a trait related to impulsivity a characteristic that contributes negatively to academic achievement and by the fact that academic failure highly contributes to poorer academic self-concept. Familial influences on the development of serious conduct problems and delinquency.

Neighborhood, poverty, and negative behavior: Aggressive Behav40 4: Irish J Psychol The same variables were also found to predict antisocial scores, together with family environment, that was negatively correlated with antisocial behaviour.

University of Vermont Department of Psychiatry.

Remarks on self-esteem, hostility, and aggressive behavior. J Clin Child Adolesc ; 34 1: Validation of the inventory of callous-unemotional traits among a Portuguese sample of detained juvenile offenders.

There are depinquencia individual and contextual factors that have been mentioned to contribute to increasing the severity of antisocial behaviour to the point where it is translated into long-term delinquency.