DOAS is now a partner organization of the New York State Young Birders Club, Checklist of Birds of Otsego, Delaware and Nearby Parts of. Use this list to identify fall hazards and accessibility issues of the homeowner and family members. Home modification strategies on the reverse side of this page. WORKSHOP CHECKLIST SUMMARY OF OBSERVATIONS. Date Reviewed the list by reading ideas. . Info does not have to be shared.

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Each Institution shall develop chhecklist Policy that ensures all employees who drive State of Georgia vehicles have appropriate documentation of a license to drive and operate the vehicle.

USG employees may have work assignments that involve driving a vehicle to accomplish Institution business. In an effort to promote a safe work environment and reduce the number of motor vehicle accidents that occur on-the-job, USG has established this Motor Vehicle Use Checkliet which sets driving qualification standards for USG drivers and requires training and other appropriate action for employees who fall outside those standards.

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Specifically, this policy applies to all USG employees who drive on Institution business regardless of frequency of driving. State of Georgia Vehicle: A vehicle checklsit through state funds or rented or leased using state funds.


For the purposes of this policy, a State of Georgia vehicle also includes institution-owned or chexklist vehicles. A vehicle in which the use of the vehicle involves an agreement where a payment is made for the temporary use of the vehicle; which is owned by another person or company.

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The owner of the vehicle may be referred to as the lessor and the party paying to use the property as the lessee or renter. The level of driver screening will be based upon the driving requirements.

All USG employees who drive on Institution business regardless of frequency of driving shall be subject to annual training regardless of frequency and location of driving. Employees who are approved for special purpose driving shall be subject to annual training and be required to complete the Driver Acknowledgment Form on an annual basis. Special purpose driving is defined as travel covered by an institutional travel authorization; which may include travel for professional development, meeting attendance, workshops, conferences, etc.

The Driver Acknowledgement Form, if applicable, will be reviewed by an institutionally designated officer.

Each covered employee must initial next to doass safety standard on the form to be deemed cheecklist to drive. Employees subject to completion of the Driver Acknowledgement Form shall be required to disclose to the institutionally designated officer if any of the above apply.


Employees who drive on state business are to disclose any license expiration, suspension, or revocation. Employees who drive on state business are to disclose receipt of the above charges by submitting Driver Notification Form no later than the workday following the charges.

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Employees who meet all Driver Qualifications following disposition of the charges vhecklist permitted to resume driving on state business. Information for these items can be retained through DOAS.

Human Resources University System of Georgia. Ensure compliance with policy; provide a general orientation to each new employee, including information on employee benefits if applicable.

Ensure compliance with policy; review with new employees the duties and responsibilities of their position, review departmental policies and procedures.