DOD 5500.7-R PDF

Link. DoD R, Joint Ethics Regulation. Title. DoD R, Joint Ethics Regulation. Attachments. Created at 11/18/ AM by System Account. Ethics: Criminal Statutes: 18 U.S.C. ยง ; Office of Government Ethics Regulations: 5 C.F.R. Chapter XVI; DoD Supplemental Regulations: 5 C.F.R. Part . DoD R. 51FSS Links. 51FSS Magazine; Events Calendar; 51FSS Facebook; 51FSS Twitter; 51FSS Flickr; 51FSS Instagram; 51FSS YouTube; Interactive.

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DOD R, The Joint Ethics Regulation (JER), including Changes | Ethics Codes Collection

Official travel by DoD employees shall be funded by the Federal Government except that DoD Components may accept official travel benefits, including in kind subsistence and accommodations vod payments or reimbursements of expenses, from non-Federal sources as provided in this Chapter of this Regulation. For purposes of this section, covered DoD employees are.

Such a submission may be made with a request 5500.7r confidentiality which shall be honored by DoD reviewing authorities when appropriate, even if it limits disclosure to the reporting individual.

This does not include off-duty employment of DoD employees employed in retail establishments. In coordination with the DoD Component DAEO or designee, establish procedures to advise incoming and outgoing DoD employees of their financial and employment disclosure reporting obligations.

Assist Agency Designees, through the chain of command or supervision, in initiating prompt, effective action to evaluate and process violations, potential violations, and appearances of violations of ethics laws or regulations, in accordance with applicable procedures as discussed in Chapter 10 of this Regulation.

If action is not taken to prohibit the employment or activity, the DoD employee is free to engage in the employment or activity in keeping with other restrictions of this Regulation.

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It may alert you to stakeholders you may not have recognized. Fundraising by DoD employees is strictly regulated by E. Acceptance of Incidental Benefits Current and former DoD employees may obtain counseling and written advice concerning post-employment restrictions from the Ethics Counselor of the DoD Component command or organization from which do are leaving, or have left, Federal Government service.

Distribute ethics and procurement integrity training material to all DoD Component DAEOs for use in all types of ethics and procurement integrity training; h. Otherwise reimbursed to DoD or the DoD Component in accordance with established collection procedures; ddod In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, use of Federal Government communications systems may be monitored.

Combined annual and termination reports must be filed within 30 days after termination of employment or service but not later dld July Official use may include, when 55000.7-r by theater commanders in the interest of morale and welfare, communications by military members and other DoD employees who are deployed for extended periods away from home on official DoD business.

Designation of Certifying Official. Military grade and military department as part of an individual’s name e.

If the Ethics Counselor agrees with the supervisor’s evaluation that no item violates, or appears to violate, applicable laws or regulations, then the Ethics Counselor shall sign and date the report.

The reporting individual shall submit the required information directly to the Ethics Counselor. Exercise ddod leadership and take personal responsibility for establishing and maintaining the command’s or organization’s ethics program in coordination with the command’s or organization’s Ethics Counselors; b.

Pending the approval of the waiver, the DoD employee shall be disqualified from participation in the particular matter that will have an effect on the financial interest; d. 55007.-r supervisor shall supplement the report with any required information or data, including comments on the existence of actual or apparent conflicts of interest, and forward the report with all attachments to the Ethics Counselor.


Office of Government Ethics The term “immediate office,” as used ddod section Except when acceptance is permitted under 5 C. These activities may be further limited by Federal Dodd building and grounds regulations. When a spouse or household member of a DoD employee engages in such activity, the supervisor of the DoD dof must consult an Ethics Counselor, and counsel the DoD employee that such activity should be avoided where it may:.

See OGE opinions 86 x 9 and 99 x 25 informal Reference e. Individuals Required to File. Military members are permitted to accept contributions, awards and other payments the same as civilian DoD employees in accordance with the requirements of this subsection, below.

DoD employees shall sod officially endorse or appear to endorse membership drives or fundraising for any non-Federal entity except the following organizations which are not subject to the provisions of subsection of this Regulation, below:.

File:DoD 5500.07-R Joint Ethics Regulation (changes 1-7).pdf

Information transmitted over an open network such as through unsecure e-mail, the internet, or telephone may be accessible to anyone else on the network. If the undertaking is part of one’s official duties, pay for its performance may not be accepted from any source other than the United States regardless of when it was performed.

Standards for Accomplishing Disqualification. Receive and appropriately process reports of non-compliance with the filing requirements of Chapter 7 of this Regulation; d.

Private use of public money 18 U.