Shop DRAYTON WIRELESS SYSTEM DIGISTAT SCR. Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for DRAYTON WIRELESS SYSTEM DIGISTAT SCR at Read honest and unbiased product. Drayton Digistat SCR & British Gas WR1 Wireless Receiver Repair Guide. This Drayton Digistat repair procedure details how to replace a faulty capacitor on the .

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Enter your email to be informed when this product arrives: Send Close Enter your email to be informed when this product arrives: It is the same item, it just has a different name on the front. There is a Youtube video available if you have problems, but its a straightforward install.

If you undo the two screws the unit just lifts off the backplate. My question is that I know this receiver unit has been xigistat a fair bit and will any of the units work on the wired backplate, ie will the unit I get be guaranteed to work just by plugging on the front fascia with the existing backplate?

Yes it will plug onto the existing drzyton. So you will not ddrayton to do any wiring.

You will just then need to commission the thermostat to the new receiver, Q: Not in the SCR, just the wireless thermostat. The red light on my drayton digistat scr receiver is on constant.



I have re commissioned the unit, but still the red light is constant. Does this mean its faulty. It does sound like it needs replacing. Hello I have no lights on my receiver, I have power going to the unit. Do you think the receiver is faulty. Yes it sounds like your receiver is faulty.

Customer reviews

The remote control seems fine but the receiver is faulty. Can I just Replace the receiver without buying a new remote unit? Would the receiver need to be paired to my current remote in some way? You will need to bind it to the new receiver, but this is easy and instructions are included.

Also my current Drayton digistat SCR isn’t showing any lights I have checked we do have power Does this mean that the unit has failed? I have also run through the reset protocol and no joy. Best regards Martin Taylor A: It means it has lost communication with the thermostat.

You will need to re-commission it. HTML is not translated! Enter the code in the box below: Continue Replacement receiver for Drayton RF wireless thermostats. Heating Controls Online is rated 4.



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Description Reviews 3 Questions? You will just then need to commission the thermostat to the new receiver. Replacement receiver for Drayton RF wireless thermostats.

Very helpful website gave me confidence to carry out replacement of British Gas badged units. A direct, clip in, replacement for the old British Gas WR1 that had failed.

Simple to set up with the existing British Gas RC5 thermostat and heating works again!

Drayton Digistat SCR Receiver

A great service thanks very much! Wanted to say though that the service provided by Heating Controls Online was excellent. Dispatched immediately and arrived by tracked Courier next working day. You an get these cheaper elsewhere but they are unboxed scratched etc so who daryton where they have been!

I preferred the service I got here. Click to read more Heating Controls Online reviews at Reviews.