Eizo S specifications: 19 inch, x, 86 ppi, S-PVA, DVI input, 12 ms, cd/m², 1. Buy An EIZO FlexScan S 19 Inch Color LCD Monitor at , Need service or repair? No matter the age, brand or manufacturer Ampronix can fix. FP, 2MP, 1MP, G22, MX, FlexScan SM, FlexScan MXS, FlexScan MX FP, 1MP, MS, FlexScan LM. FP, 2MP, MX

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When the package with the Eizo SW arrived at my doorstep, I was quite uneasy. Of course, the measurement that really matters is pixels per inch. In my opinion, this monitor is way overpriced for what you get.

Have a nice day. By the way, what do you think about LED backlight?

So text would be displayed at about the same size and resolution pixels per characterthe net benefit being increased elbow-room eiizo display more characters at one time. My unit definitely had a panel that displayed unsharp text. And I am also interested only in 22 inch models.

Eizo Flexscan S vs Apple 20″ Cinema ? | Photography Forums

Tablets by David Katzmaier Nov 26, Screen Manager Pro for Medical. Eizo monitor are really fantastic, mate. Thanks for a great review! But again, most images will look better at whatever zoom ratio you like, on a screen with a higher dpi rating.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Yuri Apr 11, at Power Device Nominal Voltage. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Roger Pelizzari Sep 11, at 3: The Dell version will run in Analog or DVI, has a great pivoting and full height adjustment stand, and also comes with the DVI cable–the Apple 20″ has none of those options and cost nearly twice as much. I was rather amazed at your discovery of odd pixel shapes. Eizo Flexscan models are used extensively in the banking and stock broking sector, where text quality is essential.


The effect changes depending on the viewing angle and looks very much like a wet screen.

Eizo FlexScan S1910-M 19 inch LCD MonitorFlexScan S1910-M 19″ LCD Monitor

Yuri May 21, at I did not find it anywhere in the article. First things first Bad pixels: Tomasz Apr 11, at I suggest run second monitor for your daily apps. Anything smaller than that would obviously be too small to make a difference. The Flexscan is still pretty darn accurate for colours and fully adjustable and can be calibrated accurately right?

I have asked Eizo support, so far eizoo NO explanation. Unfortunately, these babies have a serious disadvantage: My post includes magnified photos showing the subpixel structure. BD, Thanks wizo the update. Laptops by Justin Jaffe Nov 26, Brian Ss1910 11, at Projector Max V-Sync Rate.

Maybe I will try also some new NEC monitor. Colors and lighting levels are very good and very close to my video projector. In short, I expected my monitor to have its flaws.

Eizo S specifications

Yes, if you turn off ClearType, the text is sharp if blockybut why would one use a monitor that is incompatible with ClearType? I admit this is less of a problem nowadays than it used to be. One problem is that these monitors for photo pros require applications that support color management, otherwise the colors are oversaturated for normal web use except FF and office apps.


OK — if you are interested in Windows-ClearType combination it would be fair to ekzo it in your reviews of monitors! I believe IPS panels are better.

Review of the Eizo S2231W 22″ LCD monitor

You wrote that LG WR has polarizer, so maybe this one has nice black color, but I found it quite expensive. It looks like there are no complains about the Eizo in anywhere that anyone has spoken of it. Using Firefox I can easily scale Web fonts up or down, and with an add-on like NoSquint my settings are remembered per site.

I vote for the Eizo S I bought the Apple 20″ and it is fantastic. E1910 also completely messes up ClearType. The letters on the S looked razor-sharp in comparison with the SW! Keep the old G4 and plug the Eizo! Tomasz Dec 17, at 5: An inexpensive general-purpose monitor deserving of its popularity An inexpensive general-purpose monitor deserving of its popularity by Lori Grunin.

In any case as a photographer or graphic artist, you shouldn’t save money on your monitor and calibrating device.