I was lucky enough to have my nipples pierced by Elayne and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out! The actual piercing was so fast that I barely had a. The Piercing Bible contains a wealth of information for everyone with an interest in the subject. It takes a truly comprehensive look at this topic and provides. The Piercing Bible The Definitive Guide to Safe Body Piercing Written by Elayne Angel The Piercing Bible Category: Health & Fitness – Beauty & Grooming;.

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Atlas of World War II. The information is presented in a professional manner rare in this subject and as a medical professional I can say that it is every bit as well written as any of the medical texts that I have to read. I also offer helpful tips on living with piercings, including dealing with pregnancy and breastfeeding, concealing piercings, stretching and maintaining piercings, and sex and piercings, and much more.

I also perfected and popularized the triangle piercing. The Book of Extraordinary Deaths.

The Book | Elayne Angel’s Piercing Bible

Greg Miller and Betsy Mason. I am credited by Jim Ward in his book, ” Running the Gauntlet ,” BMEzinePain Magazineand others with the popularity of the tongue piercing; and inventing, naming, and popularizing a number of specific piercing placements including the agneland lorum. Stuff Every Woman Should Know.

I read the book from cover to cover and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jasmin Brooks rated it it was amazing Oct 19, Some things worked better than others, and we pursued what was successful. Looking for More Great Reads? Aug 17, Becca rated it it was amazing. Additionally, I offer online photo anatomy consultations and piercing problem consultations for any piercing on the ears, face, and body. Creating a new chapter in my series of “firsts” in NovemberI became the first wearer of body art to receive a registration from the U.


Running The Gauntlet book by Jim Ward. I am known as a pioneer in the field for innovating techniques, aftercare, and piercing placements. It has been reprinted at least 8 times since then, is available as an eBookand also came out in a Russian translation! Also available by Elayne Angel: Bethamy Magrow rated it liked it Sep 07, Cracking the AP U.

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It’s informative on the levels of both the customer and the trainee piercer. So much information, I read it from cover to cover like a novel as I found it such a great read!

Elayne Angel

Because piercing breaks the skin, it is essential that you are accurately informed to help you make educated choices for effective healing and minimizing health risks. I really liked this book. Jennifer rated it really liked it Dec 17, Mar 03, Pages. It e,ayne this would be useful for someone interested in becoming a professional piercer but falls short of being a how-to guide which is probably a biblle thing given the health risks of badly done body modifications.

Elayns fact, it was the first of its kind in the world! Nov 29, Rik rated it really liked it. I’ve been interviewed on many television shows including news broadcasts like CNN, shows such as Inside Report and After Hours elatne various cable television shows as well. APP Procedure Manual It was just before piercing started to become an industry, rather than just a single, highly unusual specialty shop!

Last Days of the Concorde. She brings her exhaustive knowledge to this groundbreaking manual that covers everything you need to know about the process, including: Article about piercing, with my photo, in the National Enquirer Refresh and try again.


Want to get pierced by Elayne Angel? My advice to anyone reading this is that there’s more than one way to do things, no matte I found this book to be condescending and strangely preachy.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Writing Smart, 3rd Edition. Cover of the Russian edition of The Piercing Bible. Princeton Review and Kalman Chany. It includes detailed information on each specific piercing based on my extensive professional experience as of one of the most prominent body piercers in the industry.

Gauge Conversion Chart Appendix D: Rollllllling my eyes, hardcore Liz Lemon style, because I should have added to my review my prediction of the author commenting on my bad review because the fact that I’ve seen her do this to other people is part of the reason she just rubs me the wrong way. My photo on a Vivaldi album cover. We are experiencing technical difficulties.

National wlayne standards are needed, and Elayne provides important data. I continue to tour regularly around the U. My love for body art is still going strong! Following that I was elected to a second term with the organization as Medical Liaison.

Navel piercings were virtually unheard of! I highly reccommend this book to anyone with an interest in piercings. Cover of my book, The Piercing Bible.