Buy Elogio de la Irreligion by John Allen Paulos (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Elogio de la Irreligion by John Allen Paulos, , TusQuets edition. Elogio de la irreligion/ Irreligion: Un Matematico explica por que los argumentos a favor de la existencia de Dios, sencillamente, no se sostienenA Why the.

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John Allen Paulos, Elogio de la irreligiĆ³n

So this is a tough one. But seriously, the Bible is fun enough to read normally without having to turn it into a elgoio puzzle that spells out Chicago Bulls.

He delivers what he promised. Making it easier to read would have made it easier for the reader to understand his point of view. This is not that book.

It is arrogant and condescending and it smacks of having a god-concept of one’s own.

Read my full review at my book review blog, Em and Emm Expound on Exposition. Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name. Nov 27, Prospero rated it it was ok Recommends it for: I noticed this some years ago, but this book is the first time I’ve seen anyone else draw attention lla it. English Choose a language for shopping.

But there was nothing here. Mathematician and bestselling author John Allen Paulos thinks not. Feb 05, David rated it liked it Shelves: Gave it four stars because it is well written and important. As I get older, I find that noisy settings–like airplane cabins–make it hard for me to concentrate. Does that sound mean? Special attention is paid to topics, arguments, and questions that spring from his incredulity not only about religion but also about others credulity.


For irrekigion unknowable reason, when you give a negative review to a book, Goodreads goes ahead and recommends more of them. It has never seemed to me that the proofs of god’s existence are very difficult to refute, but Paulos a Paulos playfully takes on 12 alleged ‘proofs’ of the existence of a deity – proofs that range from the subtly fallacious to the downright dde.

Alas, this emaciated volume is yet another primer for arguing with fundies on the internet. A Mathematician explains why the arguments for God just don’t add up.

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However, have no fear! Once again our “Hacking at Burning Strawmen” author picks some fringe Bible Code charismatic lunacy to prove His rebellious hatred for the Biblical God and possibly some other gods that are just comically mythical. For some time, I’ve wished that someone would come out with a leogio objective, theist-friendly book on atheism.

Oh, i’m sure atheists claim to be an expert in this area, but any quick conversation usually just shows their frustration with anything that calls sin what it actually is. Most of their deities were invented by primitive people who imagined god as a kind of really big irreliigion powerful person. Perhaps Sam Harris or Richard Dawkins?


Ds trivia or quizzes yet. So evidence or ‘proof’ of god of an empirical nature is doomed from the outset: And mentioning the Da Vinci Code is just pure comedy in any serious religious discussion. Email address subscribed successfully.

John Allen Paulos, Elogio de la irreligiĆ³n | Juan Pablo Fuentes | Flickr

Well, now I know why, because I didn’t get it and neither did he. Far from being an extremist about religion, Paulos’ tone is that of a man who sees danger in the forceful side of religion and simply wishes to arm those who do not wish to be forced. I can’t imagine it being persuasive to anyone who wasn’t an atheist already. Obviously, I was just not familiar with the author. In Irreligion he presents the case for his own worldview, organizing his book into irreliion chapters that refute the twelve arguments most often put forward for believing in Gods existence.

When Ce saw this book, couldn’t help picking it up. Very clear, very organized.