The Nine Enneagram Type Descriptions. Click on any of the titles below to read detailed descriptions about each of the nine Enneagram types. gender. , male, female. contact | info. Take the Test . Coach Beth and set up a Discover Your Type coaching session to receive personal assistance in discovering your main Enneagram type.

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Enneagram of Personality

I want most to be seen as successful. Gurdjieff is credited with making the enneagram figure commonly known [8] ennesgramma Fourth Way enneagram. I don’t need to act on that knowledge. The first use of the Enneagram was in the teachings of Oscar Ichazo on spiritual development in the s. The types are normally twst to by their numbers, but sometimes their “characteristic roles” which refers to distinctive archetypal characteristics are used instead.

Enneagram Test | Enneagram Academy

People tend to need my caring attention. This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat The “stress” and “security” points sometimes enneagdamma to as the “disintegration” and “integration” points are the types, connected by the lines of the enneagram figure, that are believed by some to influence a person in more adverse or relaxed circumstances. Just take this simple 5-minute enneagram test below. If a question is very close and you can’t decide which statement applies to you best, you can come back to it after you have completed the other questions before submitting.


Discover Who You Really Are. We recommend that you read the Enneagram type descriptions after taking this test, and in Riso-Hudson Enneagram books, to help you identify your basic personality type.

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The Helper Type One: We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the results of the personality analysis produced by this short personality quiz – only that it can help you begin your journey of self-discovery! According to some theorists, another instinct may also be well-developed and the third often less developed.

Enneagram Academy are currently offering a free fifteen minute consultation on your test results Australian residents only. From this viewpoint, therefore, at least four other points affect a tedt overall personality; the two points connected by the lines to the core type and the two wing points.

The FAST Enneagram Test

I enneaggamma hard to earn the respect and admiration of others. On the instinctual level, people may internally stress and externally express the need to protect themselves self-preservationto connect with important others or partners sexualor to get along or succeed in groups ttest.

Also, your responses may be recorded and anonymously used for research or otherwise distributed. I want to be known for being congruent and reasonable. The instinctual energies are usually called “self-preservation”, “sexual” also called “intimacy” or “one-to-one” and “social”.


Type Descriptions — The Enneagram Institute

I like to stay busy with lots of stimulating activities. I don’t hesitate to confront someone when it’s necessary. The Achiever Type Two: For some Enneagram ejneagramma the lines connecting the points add further meaning to the information provided by the descriptions of the types. The enneagram is a profound and powerful guide to understanding your personality and inner workings. I would prefer to blend in than to stand out.

Deny own needs, manipulation. I enjoy expressing my positive emotions. I move on quickly from painful emotions—I prefer to stay upbeat and postive.

A person may be understood, therefore, to have a core type and one or two wing types which influence but do not change the core type. He did not, however, develop the nine personality types associated with the Enneagram. Your job is to now read about these 3 types. A person of the Three personality type, for example, is understood to have points Two and Four as their wing types. Evagrius identified eight logismoi “deadly thoughts” plus an overarching thought he called “love of self”.

Want to know your enneagram type? There are different schools of thought among Enneagram teachers, therefore their ideas are not always in agreement.