Features in EpiData Version of EpiData includes the following features: 1. An editor where multiple questionnaire definition .QES) files may. You are now ready to start with the design of the questionnaire with EpiData Manager, based on the data Create and edit a data entry form with EpiData Manager. b. Include study information . Without it, we cannot possibly learn the truth. It. Catherine McGowan. LONDON SCHOOL OF HYGIENE & TROPICAL MEDICINE JANUARY EpiDATA. INTRODUCTION TO EpiDATA

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EpiData has been translated to several languages.

See for a list of names, web servers and institutions of those who made the translations. A comprehensive tool for validated entry and documentation of data. We wish to emphasise that Mark Myatt contributed with great inspiration, specifications and ideas to version 1 and 2 of EpiData initiation of tutprial EpiData effort would not have been possible without Marks epidatq.

EpiData is distributed as freeware. You are welcome to give a copy to a colleague. Front pages must be kept as is when documents are translated with the addition of name and organisation of translator. If anyone finds that EpiData is sold or restricted in use by some regulations please notify us immediately at It is strictly prohibited to charge anything for the use tutorila delivery of EpiData.

Exceptions for this can be supplementary materials in printing made at the cost of printing or for postage of disks or CD s. But the program as such cannot be sold. No-one can charge any fee for delivery of a translated version. If you are in doubt do not hesitate to contact us. Give reference for the download site or postal adress of those asking for payments for delivery of EpiData. Procedures in EpiData cannot be patented.

Visit tutoriwl information on updates, known bugs and further documentation. Data types and analysis: Info Tools for tabulated data: Epi Info home page: Freeware for calculations and diagrams: See Disclaimer The EpiData software program was developed and tested to ensure fail-safe entering and documentation of data.

We made every possible effort in producing a fail-safe program, but cannot in any circumstance be held responsible for errors, loss of data, work time or other losses incurred by or in relation to the program. Implementation of user defined extensions to the check file language New check commands and functions implemented as: Use EpiData when you have collected data on paper and you want to do statistical analyses or tabulation of data.

Basic frequency tables and lists of data can be made, but other than that EpiData is focused on dataentry and documentation of data. During dataentry calculation of summary scales or restrictions to values can be defined. Dates are easily entered, e. EpiData is suitable for simple datasets where you tuorial one source of data e. The principle is rooted in the simplicity of the dos program Epi Info version 6, which has many users around the world. EpiData implements the Epi Info version 6 file structure and principles in a windows setting with focus on documentation.


The idea is that you write simple text lines and the program converts this to a dataentry form. Once the dataentry form is ready it is easy to define which data can be entered in the different data fields. EpiData will not interfere with your computer setup. It is an essential principle of EpiData not to interfere with the setup of your computer.

EpiData consists of one program file and help files. EpiData comes as a few files and does not depend on, install or replace any DLL files in your system directory. Options are saved in an ini tuhorial.

But you can copy the exe file alone to any other place on your computer and it will still work. Limitations No limit on number of observations in theory. In practice it should be less than about tested with. All fields variables must fit within lines of text. EpiData cannot handle several users working in the same file. It is a single user system. But there is no problem in placing datafiles on a shared network drive. As long as each operator works with the data at a time when no other operator uses the data.

The length of explaining texts for numerical or string codes is 80, the length of the codes as such is 30 characters. How to work with EpiData The EpiData screen has a standard windows layout with one menu line and two toolbars. The “Work Process toolbar” guides you from “1. Define data” to 6. Export data for analysis.

Define Data Define data by writing three types of information for each variable: Name of input field variable, e. Text describing the variable. An input definition, e. Other field types are boolean yes-no or Soundex. Variable names can take two forms: After writing the defintion you can preview your dataform or create a datafile.

Restrict dataentry to certain values and give text descriptions to the numerical codes entered. Specify sequence of dataentry E. Summation of scales and index. Help messages and extended definitions, e. For an example get first. Enter Data Open the file and enter, add or search data. Colors for fields and background can be configured. Here white background and yellow field.

Epidata – Wikipedia

The blue explanatory text to the right of the input fields dpidata added by EpiData after entry of data based on labels in check file. Body mass index and age are calculated automatically. Actual datafile containing the data. A file with the defined checks. Document Data After creating the datafile you can document 31. structure. An example part of first. My first test datafile is an example Filesize: Yes Last revision Unknown 3 v2 Height meter Fixed number 4: Value Label Male Female v Temp type: Export for analysis and securing data.

You can also export the data to a number of data formats for analysis. It is not a data analysis system although basic crude tables can be made codebook. Follow the development of an tutoria, programme on A testversion of Analysis has been available since October The programme is nearing release and many basic functions dpidata available.


See and later also download pages. The format of data files produced by EpiData is the same as Epi Info v6. Visit for more information. The initiative to make EpiData was taken by Jens M.

Initially as part of the Initiative for Accident Prevention at Funen County – but why develop a new data entry programme? Epi Info version 6 has all that we need in terms of control of data entry and simplicity. But with development of windows like programs most users find it hard to cope with the “dos” mode of working in Epi Info developed during Commercially available programs are not focused on documentation, simplicity of use and validation of double entered data.

On the Epi Info discussion list there were some discussions epidatta strategies aroundwhen the Epi Info team at CDC in USA decided to make an updated Epi Info version The updated Epi Info applies a different strategy in using a completely new way of working and the Access database format instead of simple text files ascii. Since Mark Myatt had similar viewpoints on development strategies he was contacted by Jens M.

Lauritsen towards the end of and agreed to join the EpiData development tutoriaal which at that point also included a skilled pascal programmer Michael Bruus, who is doing the actual programming. The ambition of EpiData is to create a simple to use epidatta application, which will not interfere with or require any special database system drivers dll based routines shared with or interfering with other applications. The ambition is also to finance development by contributions from institutions, individuals and other contributors such that the program can be delivered as freeware.

County of Funen Denmark and Brixton Health UK The EpiData Association EpiData is released for public use by the EpiData association, which has the purpose of enhancing dataquality and tools for public health and other field work by dissemination of the Epidata program.

The purpose is also to gain external funding such that all costs for EpiData are paid for.

EpiData Help file. Version 3.1. Data entry and data documentation

Thereby allowing for continued dissemination of EpiData as freeware. The EpiData association has no personnel employed. Persons involved are having jobs elsewhere and are doing the work in freetime or on paid leave for larger tasks or part of the development.

It is expected that more groups will be formed as part of the continued EpiData development, each responsible for one part. Contact for further information.

Thanks for the support and testing During the period from end of to january it was not known whether EpiData was just my cracy idea or a sustainable idea. Since then it has gained wide acceptance, not the least shown by the many Epi Info centers around the world having engaged in translation of menu s and documents.