Lemongrass Essential Oil Etarska ulja (esencijalna) Etarsko ulje limunske trave. Transcript of Etarska ulja citrusa. ECG bpm. Citri aetheroleum (lemon oil) – etarsko ulje limuna. Citrus limon (L.) Burm (syn. C. medica). Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jun 4, , Nada V. Petrović and others published ETARSKA ULJA I AROMATERAPIJA – NEOPHODNOST U SVAKOM.

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Etarska ulja I Aromaterapija

The essential oil of wild thyme showed significant antioxidant activity, more potent than BHT and BHA, and can be used as an antioxidant component in the form of a nutritional supplements for ulka prevention or slowing down of the oxidative stress caused by free radicals, or as potential natural antioxidants in the food industry instead synthetic antioxidants, BHT and BHA.

Since there is no data in the literature about application, kinetics and conditions of supercritical extraction for obtaining extracts from wild thyme chemical composition, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity has been determined only for this plant species.

Some features of this site may not work without it. Journal of food protection76 4: Lekovite sirovinevol. The objective of this dissertation is to obtain essential oils and extracts from plants of the genus Thymus L. Journal of Essential Oil Research11 5: Natural product communications8 1: Crop Etaarska19, Journal of Essential Oil Research18 4: It was shown that in DPPH radical assay the order from the strongest etqrska the weakest antioxidant activity of essential oils and extracts of wild thyme was: Journal of Stored Products Research45 2: Pharmacotherapy24 2 Pt 2: Italian Journal of Food Science13, pp Mathematical modeling of the kinetics of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction at different conditions of pressure and temperature, will be tested on the example of two plant species of the genus Thymus sp.

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U etarskom ulju cimeta najzastupljenija komponneta je bila E – cinemaldehid. J Food Protvol.

Chemistry and Biodiversity6 8: MIC i MFC vrednosti su varirale u opsegu od 1,2 mg ml-1 do 22,6 mg ml-1, u zavisnosti od ispitivanog ulja. Supercritical extracts of wild thyme exhibited a significant antimicrobial activity against all tested bacteria MIC 0. Flavour and Fragrance Journal28 2: Journal of Plant Protection Research51 3: Thymus serpyllum and Thymus vulgaris using mathematical models based on differential mass balance.

Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology52 7: The results showed that the essential oil of wild thyme obtained in the SP and the essential oil obtained in Clevenger apparatus have the highest content of sesquiterpene components, while their content in extracts obtained by extraction by Soxhlet and supercritical fluid extraction was much lower.

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Food Control19 4: American journal of Chinese medicine34 3: For the isolation of essential oils and extracts it will be used hydrodistillation of essential oil by water and steam in the original device SPhydrodistillation of essential oils in Clevenger apparatus according to the procedure prescribed by ettarska Ph.


Supercritical extracts exhibited a significant antifungal activity against all tested fungi, MIC 0. Food and chemical toxicology45 9: Gas chromatographic analysis of some the most common components in the essential oil of wild thyme: JavaScript is disabled for your browser.

Effect of different techniques of extraction and distillation on chemical composition of essential oil and extracts from species of the genus thymus l.

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Food Chemistry89 4: Hemijski sastav i inhibitorna aktivnost odabranih etarskih ulja na gljive izolovane sa lekovitog bilja.

Ethanol extract exhibited antifungal activity in the range MIC 0.

Also, the essential oil exhibited a significant antimicrobial activity against all tested bacteria MIC 0. IV and Euro Ph. Mycosesearska 3: Archives of Biological Sciencesvol. Journal of Essential Oil Research12 4: