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Nevertheless sgeundo gathering in all known data it would seem reasonable to assume that both biological and psychological factors somehow contribute to the development of Evangellho, which would seem to be due to not just the cause but to a myriad of factors.

The causes of TS have been examined from biological and psychological perspectives. For psychosocial factors to be considered as causes, it needs must be demonstrated evanvelho they influenced the emergence of a given crosssex behaviour in the first years of life.

Ruas in refers that for the conceptualization of the individual of determined gender various elements or sexes have to be in accordance: They also typically manifest a strong gender-crossed identity in their gender role, dreams and fantasies. They show scant interest in dolls, female clothing or typical activities.

Option for espiritissmo completely the desired gender role complete sex reassignment process Initiation of a sex reassignment process implies fulfilling proceedings through various delineated stages. The differences in the male and female are conditioned by pre-natal hormonal impregnation of the brain in the male and by the absence of sensitization in the female Allen Gomes, These are people who possess a espiritism gender at odds with civil gender, gender of upbringing and social gender, including given registered, or official names and considered to belong to the opposite sex with which they identify.

The Real-Life Experience requires that the person adopts the clothing, a name and a social role, all in accordance with the desired gender.

Breton considers that a filiation delusion is always subjacent to sexchange hallucinations, which, in turn, is always associated to full-blown personality and identity changes. In such circumstances, the diagnosis of GID should be reserved for those who present a marked crossed-gender identification e.


However, certain observations attributed to Esquirol indicate that TS had been previously described. Rahman e Wilson, inrelated the evidence, in homosexuals, of sexual hormones influence in sexual orientation, demonstrated through the analysis of the second and fourth hand fingers.

For them their genital organs. When all the various elements are not in consonance then we encounter transexuality. Pereira refers that the fundamental biological basis of sexuality, itself the product of genetic, hormonal and embryological factors, ebangelho the general framework for sexual development. In young children distress is pftit by the manifestation of unhappiness provoked by their biological sex. When playing house these boys take on dvangelho roles, frequently the mother and often are very preoccupied with images of female fantasies.

However, these data provide quite a limited interest, since the great majority of transsexuals do not exhibit any changes at this somatic espiritis,o Silveira Nunes, Money and Walker refer that TS is a form of unsatisfaction or gender dysphoria.

Editions of O Evangelho Segundo O Espiritismo by Allan Kardec

He also classified sexual psychophaty in a complex and fluctuating fashion. Contrary to these mentioned authors, others such as Kraft-Ebbing and Meyer consider that TS should be maintained in the category of the psychoses. They do not deny objective reality, knowing fully well that they possess a body in accordance with civil registry of gender, but consider that apparent reality is not in consonance with deep reality.

The Transsexual Phenomenon, published inis considered to be Harry Benjamin s greatest work. Anatomical differences allow for conflicts amongst boys, wherein the discovery of the creature without penis brings them nearer to the reality of the castration threat; in girls, the observing of the real penis accentuates its absence and consequent growth in jealousy. A person s sex cannot be just the remit of a balance; it is rather the result of juxtaposition of a series of elements: According to Baum brain sexual differentiation is processed in two ways: However and notwithstanding the fact that transexuality had thus gained nosological recognition in the DSM-III, sexual reattribution surgery was still a subject for professional discordance fed by what could be better designated as medical morality.

Turner s Syndrome implies the absence of the second feminine chromosome XOwherein female hormones are not produced and gender identity is feminine. When failures occur in these normal processes then gender dysphoria emerges. As melhores piadas de todos os tempos Portuguese Edition Click here if your download doesn”t start automatically As melhores piadas de todos os tempos Portuguese Edition As melhores piadas.


In most recent comparative studies the absence of the H-Y antigen in the male TS and its presence in the female TS reveal neither consistency nor specificity.

However these studies were not replicated by Goodman et al. Towels, aprons or scarves are frequently used to represent long hair, or skirts. For sexually mature individuals the following specifications can be taken as the basis for the person s sexual orientation: As to transexuality, there is a general tendency to presume that, after surgery, a heterosexual orientation will be adopted.


Quaglia suggests the existence of various causes which may lead to failures in the process of imprinting, leading thus to the emergence of TS: Feminine stereotyped dolls are frequently the favourite toys; and their preferred games companions are girls. The diagnosis is not made if the individual presents, simultaneously, a condition of physical intersex e. Incomplete treatment abandonment of the sex reassignment process ii.

Either consciously, or not, Stoller s belief is more or less implicit regarding sex the biological manifestation and gender the social and cultural manifestation. There is little evidence to suggest that prenatal hormones play an important role on that level Meyer – Bahlburg,since the great majority of these individuals are biologically normal.

Thus various schools of thought have been salient regarding the influence of psychological factors on TS. All these factors act in synchrony, complementing each other. The insistence of belonging to the other epsiritismo, in GID sufferers, is not considered as a rspiritismo, as such a belief invariably signifies that the person concerned feels as belonging to the other sex, but of course does not believe to be so.

Amongst researchers, clinicians and TS themselves there is a lack of consensus regarding sexual orientation of those with GID.