Scroll of Errata is a sourcebook for Exalted Second Edition providing an extensive revision and clarification of many aspects of the game. Exalted(tm) is a game by the White Wolf gaming company, currently under development by Onyx Path. . Do we need a scroll of errata errata?. Did you ever think “it would be nice to have all errata inserted in the books directly”? So did FearMeForIAmPink over the.

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Did you ever think “it would be nice to have all errata inserted in the books directly”? The changes included errata to many, if not most, of the combat Charms of every Exalt type, mote regeneration, Combos, stunting, soak, weapon statistics, and more.

Now instead of perfect-turtle, you have perfect-then-run-the-hell-away as other options are still not viable. The full post on the Onyx Path Forums is hereincluding instructions. Many of their Charms did not do what they were intended to, if they worked at all, and those that did were often either trivial to resist or completely indomitable.

It will work so much better at my tt game where I use my e-ink reader. They should have lowered the cost without eliminating it. May I re-iterate my joy that you folks decided to provide the Scroll in. For those who neither have nor want to make an account to DriveThruRPG there is also a mediafire link, although it may be removed without warning: Note that while the post references Foxit Reader, a pdf file with these notes will be read by any current pdf reader, including Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, PDF-Xchange Viewer, or likely any other application you use.


Scroll of Errata () out now!!! : exalted

Please note that the Errata for Fair Folk is too extensive to be included here. Would love to see a revised edition of Exalted using 2.

This brings me to my only real complaint about 2. Dragon-Bloods also lose one of their only edges. For convenience, here is a direct link to download the comment files of all exalted books in one zip: If, for example, you have an effect that deals 12 Levels of Damage dealt by a character with Essence 5, who hits someone with a soak of 9, the damage would be soaked down to five dice of damage Essence ping Exalts need not spend experience to purchase or create Combos, nor spend Willpower to activate them.

Stunting perfect defenses is valid. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. It did not reduce lethality, it made it worse and removed other tactical options in the game. I do recommend the errata to anyone who plays consistently, not only because it is the official edit to the core rules and most supplementsbut also because it actually makes the game more fun.


Yes, the irony is not lost on me. And then, a few lines down: Yeah… this errata was bullshit.


I love all the work you guys are doing. Any references to perfect equipment are now treated as exceptional.

Bonuses from equipment do not stack including bonuses from Magical Material. Stunting soak is not possible, as soak is not a rolled value. This is a community aimed at bringing Exalted Redditors together to share their works and opinions on any aspect of the game, from crunch to inspiration.

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Onyx Path Publishing: Many Worlds. One Path.

This is a list of important changes to the general ruleset that happened with the errata known as version exaltdd. This includes but is not limited to bonuses to combat statistics accuracy, damage, speedarmor soak and any quantifiable benefit, such as the mote bonus of Skinmount Amulets. Superior craftmanship only comes to Fine and Exceptional varieties. One of my friends once commented that, whenever he played Exalted, he felt like an Olympic athlete with both arms and one leg tied behind his back: Rarely have I seen them go to the errzta of spelling out the special display and name and such.