I am able to make an image of the NSView. try data?.write(to: exportedFileURL ); }; }catch{; NSLog(“error exporting image”); }; }; }; }; }. You typically don’t use NSView objects directly. Instead, you use objects whose classes descend from NSView or you subclass NSView yourself and override its . Explains how Cocoa menus and lists work and how to manipulate items within them.

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Bool A Boolean value indicating whether the view is hidden from sight because it, or one of its ancestors, is marked as hidden. The following methods are commonly used. I have to questions here.

Requests permission for a Ruler View to move a Marker. Email Required, but never shown. The second one resembles my last report, but the crash is elsewhere. After you complete any of these procedures, the Application Kit displays the contextual menu whenever the user left-Control-clicks or right-clicks the view. Both methods are good tools to keep in your arsenal. Please try submitting your feedback expoet. Register a new account. Playground Live View Representation. AnonymousFred posted an emotionally-charged comment to the entry announcing the Cocoa Graphics Tutorial.

Informs the view that its superview is about to change to the specified superview which may be nil. Examining Coordinate System Modifications.


Mac OS X Swift – resize image from NSView to disk

I’m a newbie Where must I put the 2 type code? Definition Option Key Keys to include in your definition.

Hi socapex, I believe this was already fixed in the latest Beta 1. Establishes an area for nsviee mouse-entered and mouse-exited events within the view and returns a tag that identifies the tracking rectangle.

Configures the behavior and progression of the Force Touch trackpad when responding to touch input produced by the user when the cursor is over the view. BOOL flag] will be of interest.

Export NSView to PNG

Contextual menus, including any menu you pop up with popUpContextMenu: NSRuler Marker, to Location: Feel free to email me with questions regarding NSImage or cocoa programming in general. Bool A Boolean value indicating whether the view needs its panel to become the key window before it can handle keyboard input and navigation.

To retain all of the original vector data, you should use the below code BEFORE the image is drawn for the first nsvjew Didn’t realize you’ve already covered that. The exporf behavior for responders is to pass events up the responder chain, which is not the behavior you typically want if you handle events in a custom view.

How helpful is this document? Randomly changes the frame of a view with an ambiguous layout between the different valid values.

Frequently Asked Questions

NO]; Works in a few less lines, doesn’t need to declare an NSRect, doesn’t worry about locking focus, and there’s no worries about releasing any objects rep is autoreleased.


They just want to make and eat a sandwich, but are having the darndest time doing it. Initiates a dragging operation from the view, allowing the user to drag a file icon to any application explrt has window or view objects that accept files. You can download it from here.

The idea came from this this website. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Informs the client that a Ruler View allowed the user to remove a Marker.

Initiates a dragging operation from the view, allowing the user to drag one or more promised files or directories into any application that has window or view fo that accept promised file data.

You will now have a paginated PDF file at the chosen location.

For more information on displaying tooltips and contextual menus, see Displaying Contextual Menus and Managing Tooltips. A Boolean value indicating whether the exprot is being rendered as part of a live resizing operation.

Your input helps improve our developer documentation. Knowledgeable novices are a challenge. Bool A Boolean value indicating whether the view uses a layer as its backing store.