[email protected] Knows, is a book that will make readers aware of how small changes in what they follow and what they choose, can have a profound impact on their lives . [email protected] KnowsShailendra SinghRupa pagesRs You know you’ve landed a ‘different’ book to review when the author first directs you to a. The blurb for Shailendra Singh’s book ‘[email protected] Knows’ gives the impression of a self-improvement book and the author seems to have himself.

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Take a marker, black out all the swear words, and two other chapters as well! The author covers a lot of topics including ,nows, mind, relationships, sex, right and wrong, etc… in words that you will have no problems understanding. It is a readable book, well-peppered with humor and with celebrity reminiscences. If my knos had not changed me for the better it is only because I was unwilling or unable to work at it and reading a few more pages of the same lnows was in no way going to push me any further.

I understand this word has got several different meanings other than the most usual one, but still I found it very much un-classy to use it in almost every second paragraph, every page. Read at your own Risk. Like cheesecake ; those of you who read the book, will get that analogy. Monday, April 15, F? Are you truly happy? That is what I felt too, Deepa!

Life is Like This: [email protected] Knows – A Book Review

This man who has made Rs. I don’t see many youngsters reading this genre anymore. Very well written Suresh! I think his arrogance and pompous [email protected] are a complete turn off and add to that a huge dash of his contradictory theories, and that was the perfect recipe for a 2 star f I thought the book kbows be written in pages, because after a point he is repeating the same thing over and over again, it’s just that he’s using different anecdotes.


A heart attack at the age of 45 changed his perception towards life.

Lot of things that author would have liked to do in khows but was not able to have been prescribed. Magal Singh, said it perfectly – “He gives me wisdom in a manner which will make me laugh, but with a full understanding of the meaning of what he is saying.

Kudos to him for that! As a step towards creating the list, he suggests first making a list of things we do not ever want to be. But the way he presents it is different. Find the answers to lifes most important questions with the help of uber-successful entrepreneur, Shailendra Singh, co-founder of Percept and inceptor of Sunburn.

Mar 12, Afshan Khan added it. Liked the way in which author has evolved himself in life after he realized life is very short. Dec 19, Subramanyam Kows. That’s the origin of the title of the book.

Book review: ‘[email protected] Knows’

Then moving on to ‘How to read this book”, point Knwos you are from south you might be knowing about a festival by name “Ugadi” which is also called “Gudipadwa” in Maharashtra or may be “Bisakhi” in Punjab. The way he described the gut feeling and listening to gut is the best part of the whole book to me.

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Very straight forward truths and while the points are nothing new, the way they are brought across is pretty great!! knowd

Can we really enjoy the journey if it was not our goal to begin with, will we really be happy on that day when the entire life flashes in front of our eyes and we realize that we did jnows follow our passions? Some of the things we already know but reading it helps us think how we are wasting our time living someone else life and we should do something for our self.

[email protected] Knows

I mean non-fiction books All in all I quite liked it. His book conveys how it mnows for him. In the book the author, at times, seems to understand that each individual can define success his own way but in others reverts to ‘hot cars and hotter girlfriends’ as the sole measure of success.

In fact, the best review of the book is given in the book by the author himself.

I found the ‘Chi F? Once you dive into this book, you will definitely come out with quite a good number of valuable stones filled in your heart and mind.

The book will encourage readers to find themselves, follow their hearts, achieve their goals, and live life to the fullest.