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provide extensive information about FM ( ). : Military Petroleum Pipeline Systems (FM ) ( ) by Department of the Army and a great selection of similar New , Used and. This manual, “Military Petroleum Pipeline Systems (FM ),” provides the fundamentals of planning and construction of military petroleum.

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Hinged snap-joint coupling c. From the port of embarkation sea to the construction staging areas, the density o f equipmen t support required is based on cm rate of construction and the available port facilities. The route will determine construction time, effort, and material requirements in either a positive or negative manner. A nut, fastened to the handwheel and held in the yoke by thrust collars, moves the stem as the handwheel is turned. To correct the friction head loss for diesel, multiply 97 by 1.

-5482 disadvantage of using standard-weight pipe as a culvert is that additional transportation and placement are required. The thermal-relief FM valve should be removed, serviced, and tested 5-42 or every six months.

This should prevent excessive line pressure from building up when flow is stopped.

Lubricated plug valve Figure This valve has a revolvi ng plug with an opening so that fuel flows when the opening is aligned with the pipe. If suspension kits are not available, expedient-crossing structures can be constructed. This pipeline engineer company’s primary mission is to support the engineer battalion in the construction and rehabilitation petroleum pipeline systems and facilities.

Military Petroleum Pipeline Systems (FM 5-482)

Bulk-petroleum distribution system in a developed TO Figure The rotation rate is from to 21 revolutions per minute RPM. National or allied commanders submit requests for CIMIC support to 5-4482 territorial command of the host nation. The pipeline system extends as far forward as possible, usually into the corps’ storage sites.


Treatment of Unusually Steep Grades. Laying the extra ffm saves time. Using a 5-ton cargo truck with a 4-ton bolster trailer is the best way to transport pipe sections from the construction staging area to the pipeline trace.

This will eliminate the need for the construction crew to return to the site later to connect the line. A clamp is installed around the pipe and fastened to the anchor shaft, which is augured into the ground.

Use of Pumping Unit Operating Graphs. In manifold systems, a rising-stem valve is included in gate valve sections with an overall length of 36 inches.

Bolt-on type clamps Figure This kit supplements the pipe-fitter’s general tool kit. Pipelines are the most economical and rapid means of transporting large quantities of fuel between two points. To couple pipe sections together, groove the pipe ends to facilitate a coupling and gasket assembly. In an open field with high vegetation, mark the line adequately with signs to prevent damage by cross-country traffic.

Calculate the base by dividing 1, feet of head by 90 feet of head loss per mile. Draw the base AC of the triangle to the same scale as the horizontal scale of the pipeline profile shown in Figure Specialized equipment, assigned to the pipeline support company, is required for handling, placing, and tm valves, pumps, and pipeline anchors.

Pipeline suspension-bridge assemblies are available in, and foot kits. This is a diesel-engine- driven, air-cooled, self-priming, centrifugal pump.

A coupling and a gasket are placed close to each end-to-end junction. Remember that a change in location also will change the suction and discharge pressures of the pumping station.


The GPM model Figure pageintended for hose-line use within terminals, is wheel- mounted and can operate in the automatic-discharge, pressur e-control mod e if the suction pressure is greater than 2 psi. Draw a 54-82 parallel to the original true hydraulic gradient until it intersects the pipeline profile.

Two models of this pump are available. This is standard, nestable, steel corrugated pipe used for protecting pipelines located under roadways to minimize damage from the weight of passing vehicles. It is intended for flood, transfer, and general utility service. Berm around paired tanks Figure The engineer pipeline construction support company has the expertise to determine the best pipeline route from source to demand.

The altitude is 1feet or the available head capacity of the pump unit. FM Page Under blocked-in conditions, overpressure can result in damage to the equipment, possible personal injury, and fire. Coupled pipelines are FM always surface-laid.

Full text of “Military Petroleum Pipeline Systems”

Pipeline anchor clamps Figure However, fn these assemblies are preassembled with valves and scraper passage signals and are skid-mounted, they are more readily installed and simpler to operate and maintain.

The section of the pipeline between points Pi and P2 will build up dynamic pressure exceeding the safe working limits of the aluminum pipe used under design-flow conditions. This is the basic unit assigned to a specific pipeline construction mission.

This set contains the tools and equipment required for welded pipeline construction that are not in the oxyacetylene torch outfit, cutting-and-welding equipment set.