Options – Other poppet seal materials available. Footvalve may be manufactured in other metals. A range of outlet flange configurations available. Conical. Commercial Valves. Ball Valves · Butterfly Valves · Bronze Valves · Iron Valves · Carbon / Stainless Valves. Industrial Valves. Gate Valve · Globe Valves · Check. KITZ’ Statement of Corporate Mission. To contribute to the global prosperity. KITZ is dedicated to continually enriching its corporate value by offering originality.

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A good selection of accessories such as screws, bolts, washers and nuts that you may need for your daily engineering usage. The model OLS optoelectronic level switch is used for monitoring the level of liquids in the shipbuilding industry. Fastening elements such as threaded fittings, union nuts, etc. Shopping cart 0 items – RM 0. Sensing Liquid Level of Tanks.

The switch contacts are adjustable over the full extent of the scale fkot see DINand are mounted predominantly below the dial, though also partly on top of the dial. Warm Water Testing Tank. The set pointer can be adjusted using a removable adjustment key in the window.

Thank you for your understanding. Otherwise a — potentially critical — force could be exerted on the measuring tip.

As switch contacts magnetic snap-action contacts, reed switches, inductive contacts — for requirements to ATEX — or electronic contacts for triggering a PLC are available.


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Kitz Bronze Swing Check Valve – Innovest Engineering & Co

Related Products Add to Wishlist. The electrical connection is made via connection terminals in the connection head splash-proof. It is saved because a large size can be obtained in a few days.

Thermocouples without thermowell are particularly suitable for those applications in valce the metal sensor tip is mounted vzlve into bored holes e.

Thank you for your cooperation. Optionally we can fit analogue or digital transmitters from the WIKA range into the connection head. If you have any question about our product and service please use the inquiry form. Insertion length, flange size, protection tube design, connection head and sensor can each be selected to suit the respective application. We will reply to your inquiries on the next business day. Switch contacts consisting of several contacts can also be set to a single set point.

Ship pack of Mfr. It consists of a stainless steel outer sheath, which contains the insulated internal leads, embedded within a high-density ceramic compound and is also suitable for fopt at higher temperatures. The instrument pointer actual value pointer moves freely across the entire scale range, independent of the setting.

Otherwise a potentially critical force could be exerted on the measuring tip. In stock Out of stock Thermocouples of this series are designed for fitting avlve vessels and pipelines. Kitz Bronze Swing Check Valve. The price was easy and easy to process.

The measuring inserts are available in two variants, depending upon the application. You must be logged in to post a review.


Kitz Valves for various applications(Types of Valve:Foot Valve)

I was worried because the price was cheap but it fulfilled the function. Thermocouples of this falve are designed for fitting into vessels and pipelines. Water came out of the well pump and it was difficult to pump up the pump even though it started up, but it is quite satisfying as the water will come out smoothly after replacement.

Stainless steel protection tubes are suitable for normal chemical conditions.

It is easy to attach and there is no problem at all. The interchangeable measuring insert can be removed without taking out the complete sensor from the plant. Now we ship to A wide variety of standard and configurable components for factory automation engineers in industries such as automotive, semiconductor, packaging, medical and many more.

Foot Valve, FT Series KITZ Valve for Various Purpose [MonotaRO Singapore] FT~

Even when I do not know the name of falve product, I can not look at the catalog and find it. In the standard version the thermocouples are manufactured without process connections.

The protection tube is all welded and screwed into the connection head. Same day or more. The flexible part of the probe is a mineral-insulated cable sheathed cable.