The battle of Fornovo (6 July ) was an unsuccessful attempt by an Italian army to stop Charles VIII of France during his retreat from Naples. Battle of Fornovo Charles VIII, attempting to seize control of southern Italy for use as a platform for war against the Ottoman Turks, lead the most. Nicolle, David. Fornovo France’s Bloody Fighting Retreat. Oxford: Osprey, Santosuosso, Antonio. ÔÇťAnatomy of Defeat: The Battle of Fornovo in

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It was the first major battle of the Italian Wars.

Battle of Fornovo, 1495

Renaissance Society of America, However, League cavalry was able to loot the French baggage train, claiminggold ducats as well as forcing most French soldiers to go without tents, dry clothes and food for the night Nicolle, The light cavalry attack on the French front was impeded by the terrain conditions, as the French anticipated, and its result indecisive. Certain standards of the infantry leaders fell into the hands of the Venetians, and an almost countless number of horses and mules was brought into camp.

But in this one fact I rejoice, that our men fought with the utmost courage and true military discipline, and only fornovk few of our nobles, and of the other soldiers not many, are missing, and even fewer are wounded.

He had great credence and authority with the King, since he had left his son as hostage, and he wanted the Frenchman to acquire the rule and become arbiter over all Italy.

Significance This battle is classified as a draw and had little eventual consequence but did create a situation in which decisive results and consequences 1459 possible. Both sides took to camp. In order foenovo post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

In addition to those I have mentioned the following were captured: Upon these followed Greek soldiers who had looked down upon the whole proceeding from the top of the hill and swooped down like eagles; butchering the enemy and also some of their own side they plundered the baggage train, and after them came a great many Latin foot soldiers who, contrary to military law, had left their ranks because of greed and were bent on destruction.

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Charles decided to make peace with Fornovoo Sforza at Milan, and in mid-October returned back across the Alps to France. The Venetian reserve entered battle. The Milanese laid siege to Novara, defended by a French garrison, while the main part of the army, perhaps as many as 40, men under the command of Francesco II Gonzaga, Marquess of Mantuaprepared to stop Charles escaping from Italy.


The hunger of his soldiers and the meager fodder in the Apennines added to his anxiety, and he began to deliberate on flight, or peace, or a truce, since there was no fixed hope of reinforcements: Medici-ruled Florence fell quickly, and the French helped with the restoration of Republican government.

On every side the sky repeatedly flashed with fire and thundered with artillery and was filled with wails and cries. Francesco Gonzaga along with Count Bernardino Fortebraccio and another company assaulted the last line, the Count of Caiazzo the middle one, all rushing at almost the same moment rornovo the enemy who because they were confronted with a ditch, an inaccessible rampart, the river Taro, and the thickets fornnovo shrubbery which lay between, and because it was raining, scattered and rushed headlong against the ranks of their enemy in a vast assault.

From the royal effects a table entirely of gold and silver was carried off together with bedroom chests containing the clothing, rugs, tapestries, and banquet vessels which the kings had accumulated in their long possession of power. The commander Francesco Gonzaga, standing out above the others on a fresh horse, pulled his soldiers together again, and with a selected group pursued the enemy after killing a number of them, and pressing on with greater effort he captured the Bourbon bastard of royal blood and Marshal Miolans; other noble soldiers were taken by the Venetians and many were killed.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Already the report had gone around that the Venetians would by no means fight with the French, and therefore Ercole, duke of Ferrara, had sent a letter to the King in which he declared that the Senate had as yet not authorized the Venetian proveditors to fight.

The Venetian proveditors, riding toward the camp, forced back the fleeing soldiers whom excessive fear had made cowards even though no enemy was pursuing for terror had taken possession of fornnovo of them and reproached them severely for their vain anxiety; they pointed out that they themselves were unarmed and urged them to stop their flight and stay with them.

4195 lesser number of Venetians pursued the French who 195 finally yielding, and the latter straightway went off hastily to the hill opposite the camp of the Venetians, and at last, when the fighting had broken off of itself, the Latins returned to the lines of their allies, and then all betook themselves to camp.


Very many wounded were found naked among the corpses, some begging aid, some half-dead. And so as is wont to happen when a time of crisis draws near, his usual assurance changed to anxiety, his earlier daring to fear, his swollen pride to humility. They agreed nonetheless that the impending battle must be fought. To this, so that it might fornlvo be far distant from the line of the commander, they assigned a place from which it might bring aid at once if those in front wavered.

Only VeniceGenoathe Papal StatesSavoy and Tuscany will survive as indipendent nations after the end of the Italian Wars,losing however their original power and stability.

The valley itself extends beyond Fornovo from a narrow passageway into the open plains with two 14995 on either side, foornovo the right and to the left; the former direction is toward Oppiano, the latter toward Medesano, and the river Taro flows almost through the very middle of the plain.

We thank the Renaissance Society of America for their permission to republish this item. His battle plan was to distract the first and middle groups of the French with two lines while outflanking the rear.

Others were cramped by the narrow quarters and tried in vain to carry out their orders. In these he put his entire hope of safety and resolved not to await hunger longer, but to undergo the risk of battle.

Battle of Fornovo – Wikipedia

Meanwhile much blood was shed, nor was it allowed those who in fear or cowardice had begun fighting on the other side of the Taro ofrnovo stop at this time. Ensure you hit F5 or View Show Animation not displaying properly? Only the leader and a few men zealously entered the battle, and in it perished Giovanni Piccinino, who was mindful 11495 ancestral glory, and Galasso of Correggio; of the other horsemen fourteen were lost.

The Harper Encyclopedia of Military History: