My more than 35 years old Fritzel antenna elements look new after a . /71 the 4 cm diameter traps of the (FB FB FB were only. FRITZEL FB Specifications, electrical, 20m-Band, 15m-Band, 10m-Band. Elements, active in band number, 3, 3, 3. Boom Length active for band in use λ. 15 Jahre alten FB33, den ich nächste Woche zusammenbauen möchte. Bei den Maßabweichungen schreibt Fritzel Elementlänge ±10mm und bei Abständen .

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The production of antennas by Mr. Der Beam ist von IK3LMA wrote about this subject: Hallo nochmal, habe heute die Antenne montiert, ist aber noch nicht in der Luft und ich habe sie in eine FB23 umfunktioniert, weil ich diese vorher eigentlich auch geplant hatte, aber keine gefunden hab.

The shrink tube has a shrinkage ratio of about 3: I had a FB53 14 years fritze. Deswegen tut sich auch kaum etwas wenn die Antennen gedreht werden. The resonance’s are respectively Because weather the grey colour of the caps become almost white.

Furthermore I found in my archives the lengths between the elements of an FB, whose production year is unknown to 3. Servus, ich habe einen ca. Auch die Daten der Trabs kenne ich nicht usw Damage due to a dirty vintage trap and power exceeding. In Fritzel specified his antennas and traps for an PA input! Remember when replacing the traps that the coils with the least windings are for 10 m. In principle, a trap is a capacitance in parallel with a coil.


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The arrays are built extremely well and perform nicely. The wire becomes flatter if you do the cleaning regularly. Hat einer ne Idee?

Drilling of the rivet and replaced by screw or bolt with nut is than the only cure. Gib mir Tage Zeit und eMail That has never happened 3 the more than 40 years that I did maintenance on the antennas.

Amateurfunk Forum • Elementabstände Fritzel FB33

The 10 m traps of both antennas were identical in terms of construction, etc. After some time the wires are covered with cobwebs and oxidation, especially against the vent of the outer tube.

My proposal fix not tried is to add two extra screws at degree each to the other so to distribute the stress along the fritxel insulator”. With two screws the interior may be removed.

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Fritzel model 83 trap, Bottom: Only my director was available for measurement. With back fbb forth motion the crystals works as sandpaper so you may manage it usually.

The Fritzel company is good to deal with and have many other fine antenna products such as verticals, wire antennas, baluns, and a fbb wonderful antenna wire which is multistranded flexible Cu wire with a nice flexible uv resistant PVC coating. By first removing the burned part with a cutter, ON4LN successfully restored a staircase with two-component epoxy. They should assembled directed to the feed point of the antenna. The resonance’s are not so far apart.


Fritzel FB-33

The traps of this antenna are qua, construction, size and number of turns identical to that of the next vertical antenna GPA Ich kann Dir nur vom FB23 die Daten liefern: The contact surface is 45 times increased compared with a wire eyelet plus rivet. The power was also limited to W PA input. Ich betreibe einen FB33, den ich etwa gekauft habe.

Sofern wir Dritte mit der Verarbeitung von Daten auf Grundlage eines sog. His company fritsel many types of antennas and later then they made antennas for more power.

They are almost similar to the types of Fritzel. Top left fritzep what happens when the old model balun is overloaded with too much power or if a FD3 is used for 80 m and a FB4 used for m. Only bought some new stainless bolts etc. This can be the reason for future failure or reduced efficiency. Dort habe ich die Kopien aus der Original-Montageanleitung eingestellt.

The antenna tube for 20 m connected to 15 m trap is not removed. Bf black plastic caps will somethimes crack or split and a replacement are not easy to find.