When Food Is Love has ratings and reviews. In this moving and intimate book, Geneen Roth, bestselling author of “Feeding the Hungry Heart” and. 1 New York Times bestselling author of Women Food and God “A life-changing book.”—OprahIn this moving and intimate book. Oprah In this moving and intimate book, Geneen Roth, bestselling author of Feeding the Hungry Heart and Breaking Free from Compulsive Eating, shows how.

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And we begin to rely on ourselves and only ourselves to provide sustenance, comfort, and pleasure. What we do with food, we do in our lives. Refund requests over days from the purchase date will receive a check as funds cannot be returned to the credit card due to fraud protection policies. Hence we make poor choices and feel that the good choices are not for us. It will entertain and delight you, and it will make you a deeper and more compassionate human being.

When food is love: The author is painfully honest about her issues with food.

When Food Is Love by Geneen Roth | : Books

Food, work, love, success, money. One of my favorite points of the book was the breakdown of love as something that is outside you, something that needs to be attained and can be attained by pursuing thin-ness. This is NOT light reading. The difference between someone and no one is the difference between life and death.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I would recommend it for anyone struggling with an eating disorder, particularly compulsive overeating, and I would also recommend it to anyone who is getting sick of dieting aren’t we all? May 30, Sapphire rated it it was amazing Shelves: That being said, I did find some of the information interesting with respect to our relationship to food and substituting for love.


Nov 28, Melissa rated it it was amazing. Rood you suffer from Binge Eating Disorder and you want some form of counseling, I do recommend looking for another book. I really like how Roth gives us stories about herself and about people she has worked with. We make decisions based on how we made sense of the wounds and what we did to protect ourselves from being more wounded in that environment.

When Food Is Love: Exploring the Relationship Between Eating and Intimacy

Geneen Roth is a writer and a teacher who has gained international prominence through her work in the field of eating disorders. Penguin- Self-Help – pages.

Clear and easy to read. Don’t give 3 eclairs whwn power to ruin your life. So it’s not a no-calorie pulp and filler book; there is a lot of solid, stick-to-your-ribs insightful nourishment in its pages. Feb 07, Sabrina Nicole rated it it was amazing. The fantasy of being thin is more powerful than being thin.

Apr 06, Trieste rated it it was amazing. Account Options Sign in.

Sounds True – When Food Is Food & Love Is Love

But the present now is different from the present then. If a Sounds True product fails to meet your expectations—for any reason—simply return it with receipt for a full refund. She shows why many people overeat in an attempt to satisfy their emotional hunger, and why weight loss frequently just uncovers a new set of problems.

It takes a lot of pain to realize you’ve had enough of perpetuating something that is no longer relevant and to come to trust that it is not necessary — you can live without your pain.

Love expands; compulsion diminishes. I love Geneen’s advice, and her voice. We wanted love but did not get it and we believe that we still don’t deserve it – what we needed back then.


The author’s main idea is that sometimes food is a cast, a cover for something we don’t want to open up or accept. The psychobabble part is awesome though.

Os Roth writes, “Being loved in the present brings up all the ways in which we were not loved in the past. Posted on February 8, Being a Victim, Being Powerful Chapter 8.

Geneen Roth’s mother was physically abusive and addicted to drugs whdn alcohol. But it’s tiring to try to make the wrong person love us.

Being a Victim Being Powerful.

I appreciate the direct and open approach this books takes and I really enjoy the author’s narrative voice. It feels like the true path to relating to food, one’s body and one’s spirit. But her welcome message is that change is possible. I’m now making my husband read this book so that he can rtoh my thought processes better. It’s basically exploring Buddhism via your relationship with eating. Mar 14, Danielle Katz rated it really liked it.

The thing it doesn’t have is a “how to” description about actually doing something about it. It is not about food or drink or drugs or work, although we may engage in those things compulsively. But it’s doomed to failure because the guy or gal won’t ever change. When Love Is Love. Wben must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Oct 25, DeAnn rated it liked it Shelves: A voice inside us screams: She shows why many people overeat in an attempt to satisfy their emotional hunger, and why weight loss frequently just uncovers a new set of problems.