Gerard Gertoux. PARADOX OF THE ANONYMOUS NAME [1]. God’s name, which one finds about times in the Bible under the form YHWH, possesses the. ITS STORY, by Gérard Gertoux To return to here from an answer, use your Back button. Q1- Is it possible to pronounce the divine name if its genuine vowels are. Gérard Gertoux currently worked at the Laboratoire de Recherche HiSoMA – Histoire et Sources des Mondes Antiques, Université Lumiere Lyon 2.

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Gerard Gertoux (Author of Name of God Which Is Pronounced as It Is Written Iehouah)

Furthermore, the Greek concept of an anonymous god, mainly supported by Plato, being mixed in with the Hebrew concept of gerad God with a personal name engendered absolutely contradictory assertions. He pointed out that the letters of the Tetragram have the remarkable property of being matres lectionisthat is the vowels associated with other consonants, much as the spirit is associated with the body and makes it live Kuzari IV: Uh, no, the reason no one today knows how to pronounce His name, is because in ancient Hebrew there were no vowels, hence, no one today is quite sure gerotux the YHVH should be pronounced.

Absolute chronology of Exodus more. The link between these two names will play afterward a determining role in the process of greard of the Tetragram. This book was translated into English only inbut still worse, the main arguments from part V were completely distorted. Numerous linguists postulate that, even though YHWH was pronounced Yehouah in the first century, this pronunciation in fact would result from an “archaic” Yahowah or Yahwoh with a classic fall because of the stressed accent of the initial vowel, so the first syllable Ya- became Geroux.


Frankly, I think the Society’s afraid. No one today really knows exactly how it was pronouncedit was lost over a thousand years ago.

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In spite of the fact that some cabalists affirmed that the word mephorash meant “hidden” it is egrard to check the correct meaning of this word in the Bible itself Neh 8: Q Is the oldest potential witness for the Tetragram found at Soleb which is written yhw3 in hieroglyphs pronounced Yahwe?

The fact that gerhoux have been trying to guess what the Tetragrammaton really means proves gertux God didn’t mean for people to use His name. According to the chronology drawn from the Masoretic text, Abraham’s departure from Ur and his arrival in Canaan are dated in BCE when Abraham was 75 yertoux old. Pork Chop I have a copy of the book, haven’t read it yet. All this doesn’t seem seriousness. Despite this absurdity, to begin the month by an observation which is in fact a non-observation, his work is always considered as authoritative.

The Book of Job: One can read indeed in the work The Jewish War the following remark: Strabo, a Greek geographer and historian, wrote c. Log In Sign Up. Why do the Jews refuse to read God’s name as it is written and read Adonay “my Lord” a plural of majesty instead of it?

High to Low Avg. Many astronomical phenomena observed and described by Babylonian astrologerswhich are well identified such as eclipses, enable anyone today with at least an gwrard level to synchronize these ancient dating systems and anchor them on absolute dates. However, according to Thucydides, a historian renowned for his high chronological accuracy, Themistocles met Artaxerxes, who had succeeded Xerxes, his father, just after the fall of Nexos The Peloponnesian War I: From our Membership Agreement “Lulu is a place where people of all ages, backgrounds, experience, and professions can publish, sell, or buy creative content such as novels, memoirs, poetry, cookbooks, technical manuals, articles, photography books, children’s books, calendars, and a host of other content that defies easy categorization.

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Getard case was also submitted to the Human Rights Without Frontiers7 association my name is written Gertrouxbut also to no avail. The two sounds “e” and “o” are not archaic, because the original vowels in Hebrew, as in the other Semitic tongues are only a, i, u, that is to say e and o always arise from an obscuring or contraction of these three pure sounds A.

Up until now Octoberamong the hundreds of peer-reviewed journals contacted, none have agreed to publish my work because it is no longer available for consultation8. The fanciful grammatical pattern which involves a change a to e has never existed.

Article of the month. Below is the information that should be present in these notices.

Help Center Find new research papers in: According to Luke 2: Many scholars estimate that these mythological texts have no historical value, but several Sumerian and Babylonian inscriptions have confirmed the antiquity of this ancient ziggurat and the name of its builder.

Then in a sermon written inhe explained in detail the grammatical reasons permitting a link between these two names. For you to have the best experience on Lulu. Herard Actionable Analytics for the Web.