THE purpose of the Gezira Irrigation Scheme is to provide the northern portion of the Gezira Plain with a plentiful supply of water for the purpose of cotton. This report examines how the design of the Gezira Irrigation Scheme has resolved many of the distribution problems still found in more recently. High potential of natural resources but low agricultural productivity are main characteristics of Gezira Irrigation Scheme in Sudan. Located in.

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Most of the industries in the Sudan depend on it for example spinning, textile, oil, soap and paper industries.

The marketing of cotton at the time the Sudan syndicate, after nationalization of cotton trade during the May regime when solutions took over the marketing for cotton and later in when Sudan Cotton Corporation was transferred in to the Sudan Cotton Company Limited Public company. Gezzira and administration shares during the joint account system were transferred into land rent and water charges imposed on the cultivated areas and are revised each year.

The individual account system: It was cultivated in Elgezira, Elrahad, and Elsuki.

Rainfall was uncertain and before irrigation only shifting cultivation and nomadic grazing was possible. Cotton average yield increases from 3.

Combinations of factors were negatively affecting cotton area and production during the different periods. Email alerts New issue alert.

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Retrieved December 5, If the irrigatio extends over several accounting periods, the values of the cost and benefits streams must be standardized to provide a proper basis for comparison. In the economic analysis of an agricultural project, the changing value of money over time must be considered. Schene Februarya number of economic procedures were declared which were directly reflected on the Gezira Scheme, included complete liberalization of the price of the Sudanese pound and equal liberalization of foreign currency transactions.

The function of this council is to discuss and settle all problems facing the agricultural program. But, the technology is still new and implications are not fully understood. Most users should sign in with their email address. The rise of Chadema in Tanzania. It is characterized with a variety of climates zones from the desert in irrgiation North to tropical zone in the South.


In the area was increased to feddans of cotton the Orrigation farm was later managed by the Sudan plantation syndicate using direct labour which later was substituted with land rent after the interference of the Sudan Government at that time, in the company had put ifrigation system into real practice. The Nile system is the main feature in the country, starting in Lake Victoria and running through the country for two and a half thousand miles.

Moreover, it has been found that some of these inputs were not in accordance with scientific specification.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. A History of the Wellcome Trust Sign in via your Institution Sign in. A pump was installed and the irrigayion was asked to manage an area of feddan at Tayba village feddan were grown with cotton and with other crops. The study mainly based on analysis of secondary data of cotton crop in Gezira Scheme.

This study answers the main Research questions of economic indicators and the proper basis for comparison of cotton production in the Gezira scheme.

Cotton cultivated area, production, average yield had been decreased. This gives it favourable environments for all agricultural activities as well as integrated investment in industries. Because of the comparative nature of this study, this report on the Gezira scheme in Sudan makes only passing references to some specific but critical aspects of this project, such as the capacity of the system to adapt to changing socio-economic conditions.

The authoritarian origins of well-organized opposition parties: Cotton average yield in the Sudan is low compared to other cotton producing countries, best practice average yield and average yield achievable in research stations.

Also the greater the discount rate, the greater the difference will be between the value of a sum of money in two different periods. Each group divided into blocks with block inspector on top of each, assisted by a number of inspectors. Topography of the Gezira is related to the characteristic of the two rivers. Retrieved 8 November Home Publications Conferences Register Contact.


Ann Jose ankara escort. Now cotton is cultivated in both the rain fed and irrigated sectors and has a great competitive force. Purchase Subscription prices and ordering Short-term Access To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. The major components of these sub-sectors are large-scale schemes, which are Gezira, Rahad and New Halfa. Joint account system was a production relationship system proposed to recover from the tenants all the costs of inputs and services provided by the scheme and other party [ 9 ].

This page was last edited on 28 Marchat It also included of almost prices of goods and services and remarkable deduction in Government subsidies and other procedures meant to liberalization the Sudanese economy to be in consistence with world economic and financial interactions Table 3.

Gezira Irrigation Scheme- A Struggle for Revival

After many experiments with irrigation, 24 square kilometres 9. Inthe first pump was installed and Egyptian cotton was grown. It was required to act on behalf of the joint undertaking [ 7 ].

These studies focus on the extent to which the design of the irrigation system fosters effective water management and provides equitable, reliable, timely geziea distribution to farms by analyzing water efficiencies, the effectiveness of maintenance, and cost recovery.

Important development in the Gezira scheme: The adoption rate for GE technology is the highest for any new irrigatin in the agriculture industry.

Another increase was of feddans was made in Its irrkgation was charged with various deductions and costs which do not related to cotton. Shortage in machinery and spare parts needed for land preparation and the cultivation of cotton.