Gforth is the Forth implementation of the GNU project (Current release , have a look to the User Manual). Source distributions can be found. Gforth Manual. GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE · Preamble · TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR COPYING, DISTRIBUTION AND MODIFICATION · How to Apply. Gforth Manual. Gforth is a free implementation of ANS Forth available on many personal machines. This manual corresponds to version

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Gforth now produces a backtrace when catching an exception. Gforth-fast now uses static superinstructions some speedup on some platforms ; generally this is transparent apart from the speedupbut there are lots of command-line options for controlling mxnual static superinstruction generation.

Long word names MB on bit systems are now supported change to the header format. Stdout is now unbuffered, if it is a tty.

New image file format. Bug fixes installation on big-endian machines sometimes did not work. Cross compiler now also supports compilation only for undefined or forward referenced words.

This goal is the most difficult one. Default dictionary size is now 4MB. You can use ” gforthmi –application This can be split into several subgoals: Block files now start at block 0 by default instead of block 1.

Gforth can now deal well with broken pipes in most situations.


It is possible to create executables that contain the image for non-OS systems. More files in the compat library.

Gforth Manual

New, changed, and removed words: Missing ANS Forth words: This can be split into several subgoals:. Large file support on OSs that support them i. At run-time requires libtool and gcc for the libcc C interface and gdb for the disassembler SEE on some platforms.

FSL support files undocumented regexp.

Bug fixes Backported protection against glibc math functions clobbering TOS. User input device redirection for filters is now possible. Significant extensions to the manual added an introduction, among other thingsmany of them due to a new team member: Plugins to support some native code generation for PSC News User-visible gforty between 0. It should not get the reputation of being exceptionally slow.

Table of Contents

Changed representation of types in struct package, and correspondingly changed names. Bug fixes Makefile fixes for installing. New engine gforth-itc for dealing with some potential backwards-compatibility problems see “Direct or Indirect Threaded? Various changes without log information only known as gforrth. Added a lot of embedded control EC stuff. New flags –ignore-async-signals, –vm-commit default overcommit–print-sequences Forth x: Contributions of assemblers and disassemblers for other architectures are welcome.

It should become standard, i.

Tutorial – Gforth Manual

New threaded code execution method: There’s a mailing list around Gforth-related topics: The single-step debugger works again in some engines. It should provide for all the things that are considered necessary today and even some that are not yet considered necessary. Read old postings in the list archive of the Gforth list.


The disassembler DISCODE can now use gdb to disassemble code Uninitialized defered words now give a warning when executed Division is floored disable with “configure –enable-force-cdiv” Gforth not gforth-fast reports division by zero and overflow on division on all platforms. There are now two engines: Better support for m68k thanks to Andreas Schwab and Jorge Acereda.

Newlines on output are in the OSs favourite format. Added optional support for a C interface manhal on the ffcall libraries more portable and powerful than the old one, but still not documented. User-visible changes between 0. The default path now has “. Read the updated documentation for the snapshots in Gforth’s snapshot manual. Gforth now does not translate newlines to LFs on reading.

Gforth – GNU Project – Free Software Foundation.

Bug fixes in particular, gforth Bug fixes amd64 gdb disassembler works with syntax change autodetected workaround for gcc 4. Gforth now produces exit code 1 if there is an error i. It should be a model, i.

Mailing List There’s a mailing list around Gforth-related topics: