Gods and Generals has ratings and reviews. Ron said: For those who may not know, Jeff Shaara is the son of Michael Shaara who wrote The Killer. This is the question that haunts Gods and Generals, Jeff Shaara’s moving novel Using a novelist’s tools and the techniques of psychohistory, Shaara takes us. The New York Times bestselling prequel to the Pulitzer Prize–winning classic The Killer Angels In this brilliantly written epic novel, Jeff.

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Hancock, Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson, Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain—as well as those who served with them, allowing us to shaarz “the tragedies and successes of their personal lives and their experiences as soldiers. I think all of those parts are stellar and very well done, except for the part about the early battles. Jeff Shaara has a gift. That’s better than fighting a war against you I guess becausemen will be killed.

A Novel of the Civil War Author s: Oct 05, Pages. Chamberlain has no military experience, but is given the rank of Colonel in the 20th Maine Infantry regiment when it is formed. I do like these Shaara books because they father and son narrate these events in story form.

Jeff’s storytelling is equal to, if not better than his father’s. The Frolic of the Beasts.

Gods and Generals Teacher’s Guide

Profound in its insights into the minds and hearts of those who fought in anx war, Gods and Generals creates a vivid portrait of the soldiers, the battlefields, and the tumultuous times that forever shaped the nation. It was inspiring enough that I took a day trip into Gettysburg, PA over the weekend, and walked some of the famous battle sites. There was a movie made based on the book, and now I want to see the movie.


Obviously, Jsff didn’t know what I was getting into because I know he is very well regarded by many people.

Gods and Generals by Jeff Shaara | : Books

One other small complaint, sometimes it was easy for me to mix the characters up and forget who was on the confederate side and who was fighting for the union- so I had to refresh my memory a few times I don’t know my history as well as I should! Lee and Stonewall Jackson and I believe Jeff Shaara did a fantastic job of capturing the personalities of these men. So hard to understand. I’m going to quote the words of Jason Mraz and say: Read the book instead.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. All four men believe that real opportunity has passed them by. Yale University Press, Please email webmaster fantasticfiction.

Stay in Touch Sign up. Read this for the third time, as my book club selection. What principles lead Chamberlain to leave his college and volunteer for the Twentieth Maine? All the detail, which is so important to some, just bogged me down. He insists they must wait for the pontoons to arrive. Perhaps he simply tried to cram too much in the lead-up to the Battle at Gettysburg, unlike his father who concentrated all of his attention and efforts on just those three historic days?

Trivia About Gods and Generals How do the religious beliefs of Lee, Jackson, and Hancock influence the way each one views the private and public events in their lives? I’m still glad I had the opportunity to read shaaga book.

Gods and Generals (Civil War Trilogy , book 1) by Jeff Shaara

This is the first book by either of the Shaaras that I have read, and I won’t read another. Shaara has divided his novel into four parts. Please try again later.


The son, Jeff Shaara, copied his father’s unique writing style but did not do it justice. Notably, three of these men would have prominent roles in The Killer Angels, the story of the 3-day battle of Gettysburg. Every time I began to feel connected to one of the characters, I would have to readjust when the story was yanked away to a different location.

If you have a bit of godd set heff, a willingness to adopt an unorthodox writing style, and want to become the closest of confidants with the men pulling the levers guiding the most crucial conflict in American history, then I will be pointing you to Gods and Generals I felt that this book was accurate in its character portrayals, but it didn’t flow well at all.

One of the most wonderful books on the main Civil War battles I’ve read in a long time. Assume the identity of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and compose a lecture to be delivered at Bowdoin College on the nature and reality of war based on the experiences “you” have annd as leader of The Twentieth Maine Regiment at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville.

But there was real carnage at, Manassas, or Bull Run, where General McDowell accompanied by congressmen, dignitaries and carriages filled with brightly dressed women watched Union soldiers massacred by a determined Shaata army.

VirginiaUnited States. The Read this for the third time, as my book club selection.