An Act to provide for the better control of riotous and disorderly persons commonly known as goondas residing in or frequenting certain[ areas][ * * *]. So what is this legislation really about? The Goonda Act allows the Government to detain a person for upto one year “with a view to prevent him from acting in. Goonda Act Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from The Economic Times. Goonda Act Blogs, Comments and Archive News on.

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A Bengali physician, one D. Lalu Prasad Sakshi Maharaj was yesterday booked for allegedly hurting religious feelings a The migrants were pushed out of their native villages either by abject poverty or at times by famines. For a detailed commentary on the matter see W. This led to clashes which escalated into a riot in Burra Bazar and the Harrison At, a street running east-west in north and central Calcutta.

Gross misuse? No prior record but TN woman booked under Goondas Act

Many even felt that the law, if used effectively, is an important tool that can come in handy for the police. The Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has held in a catena of cases that the detention order can be passed only if there is a breach of public order.

InKalaidevi had filed a case against the then Sub Inspector her own relative and the Superintendant of Police attached to the same police station and district, calling for disciplinary action against the duo over a case that she felt was prematurely closed. But if let unchecked, the Goondas Act could put an end to the need for courts and a fair trial since police can unilaterally decide who must be put in jail and who can go free. In February Gandhi called off Non-Cooperation. Many of them were drawn to Hindu communalism which culminated in the formation of the Hindu right wing party, the Hindu Mahasabha in The laws in question, Sections and of the Criminal Penal Code empower In the wake of growing goomda over a recent spurt in sexual assault cases, Karnataka government today decided to strengthen the Goonda Act to book rape accused under it and to set up 10 more fast goondq courts.


Till it connoted a lowly looter who surfaced during heights of tumult and disappeared as soon as order was re-enforced.

Control of Disorderly and Dangerous Persons (Goondas) Act, (East Bengal Act No. IV of ).

The report said that the GD had been able to identify only three of them, but suspected that their number was definitely larger. In these segments were bitterly divided and mutually opposed to each other. But the use of the Act is extended so much that now it has become a tool to put anyone in prison even without giving him an opportunity to explain his side of the story before the courts. Under the goonda law, those who habitually commit digital crimes and disrupt public order are liable to be kept under detention for up to one year.

It shall not be necessary for the Tribunal to record the evidence of any witness de novo by reason only of a change in its own composition, but the Tribunal may at any time summon and examine any person, who in its opinion, is capable of giving information relevant to any matter under enquiry notwithstanding that such person has already given evidence in such enquiry.

Gross misuse? No prior record but TN woman booked under Goondas Act | The News Minute

The racket helped foreign nationals procure an original passport for Rs 3 lakh to Rs 5lakh. Then there were those who waylaid pedestrians carrying large amounts of money or jewellery, and finally there were goondas who worked for other goondas, like guards of cocaine and gambling dens. A peer-reviewed journal promoting historical research on penal institutions, the police, criminal justice systems, punishments and crime.


A peer-reviewed journal promoting historical research on penal institutions, the police, criminal justice systems, punishments and crime Publisher: It is better sct get the chargesheet done with and ensure that the case goes to trial.

Any attempt by the accused to evade arrest, or to evade other formalities like being photographed, furnishing sample signature, handwriting and fingerprint was punishable by six months of imprisonment or by imposition of a fine of one thousand rupees or both.

Urbanization and Reform in Calcutta c. Reportage and editorials on crimes like robbery and extortion liberally mixed speculation with hearsay.

Their quest for higher social status found a new opportunity as Gandhi-led mass movements drew support from among groups which till then were outside the fold of politics. Writings on South Asian History and Society, ed.

Pancanan Ghosal, a Hindu Bengali who joined goonxa Calcutta Police in the in a middle rank, attests that the fear of the goonda had silenced Calcuttans from reporting cases of victimization at their hands to the police. So they called for a protest meeting on 9 September It is important to interpret these laws logically.

Being averse to and apprehensive of the mass the elitist Bengali bhadralok and elite Bengal Muslim politicians were anxious to retain their predominance and respectability in times of anti-imperialist movements and agitations.

At the same time newspapers reported frightening instances of violent crimes from all over the city and attributed these to the goondas.

In the absence of effective laws, he lamented, both the numbers and the activities of the goondas proliferated.