In this tutorial we will look at interfacing KS display controller based JHDE display. There are many displays out there based on KS or. A x64 graphical LCD based on the KS controller chip is required. GLCDexample * * Basic test code for the Arduino KS GLCD library. * This code. ERMSYG-2 is “glcd x64 display graphic lcd module,ks+ks controller,stn lcd,yellow green led backlight,wide operating temperature.

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Backorder notices are listed on your shopping cart. Perhaps if you post a picture or video of the display there may be some clues for what is going wrong.

GLCD 128×64 display Graphic LCD Module w/KS0107+KS0108 Black on YG

I know this is a lcx of questions for one post, but I’d really like to get this figured out, it seems like it should be pretty easy based on other posts. Most of the remaining others will work when their reset line is connected to vcc. In this article, we are discussing the implementation of different instructions. A given ,cd configuration will automatically determine which pin configuration file to use based on which board type is being used in the IDE.

The code is being finalized over the next few weeks and I hope to have a release for testing in February.


If there’s one out there, I’d like to hear about it. Here is a thought Stock levels are based on item’s sales history. Thanks to all for your hard work and sharing.

KS Graphic LCD Interfacing with PIC18FPart 1 –

For reading instructions, data appears while E is at a high level. Perhaps using another board is a good alternative. Starting with glcd v3, pin assignment is much more flexible as any glcd function or data pin can be assigned to any Arduino pin.

LCD, type A pinout. Below function checks whether the display is in reset condition or OFF.

“x64 Graphical LCD Display Module KS ,White on Black

We will discuss the different instructions and firmware implementation in next part of this article. The library includes example sketches and a readme. The remainder of vraphic page is about GLCDv3 for those that would like to continue to use it. We do not give refunds, credit memos.

Stock levels are based on item’s sales history.

I suggest you consider the two board option. ERMDNS-2 is black background with x64 monochrome white pixels,S6B and S6B controller that is extremely common grapic well documented, 8-bit parallel interface,single led backlight with white color included can be dimmed easily with a resistor or PWM,FFSTN black lcd negative,wide operating temperature range,rohs compliant,compact size.

2.9″128×64 Graphical LCD Display Module KS0108 ,White on Black

Thanks to the likes of you and the rest of the Arduino community I have been able to dust-off my ancient by now skills in electronics and programming, and get all this stuff “working” in short order. Evidence of damage caused by operating outside of specified temperature range.


It can be used in any embedded systems,industrial device,security,medical and hand-held equipment. The Arduino autoreset circuit is quit fragile.

Each controller controls 64 x 64 pixels. Only registered users can write reviews.

In order to display this, we need to transfer following bytes to the first page of the display by selecting left controller CS1 in Y address from 0 to 7: The above command is translated to the code as below. If you want to go the multiple arduino board route, or look at trying to get drive two displays from a single mega then then I suggest waiting a little while for a new version of the library that is easier to interface and has more functionality.

This is the first and foremost command to set during the initialization. Version 3 Officially released June Source code and related downloads can be found on the Google code project: I’ve also learned that this this stuff is never straightforward as first thought.