More then words with Mnemonics Free Download with Mediafire Link Download Link for Pdf: Download Link for APK: For Example: GRE. Well this is not my area but yes I m preparing vocab for ies while searching for some gud ways to learn..I found these apps by #magoosh One has. Mnemonic Encoding Word List. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

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Powered by Mnemonic Dictionary ‘a bet’ relate it to the betting in cricket. Now you may love mnemonics, you may think this is the greatest thing ever, and you may use them as often as you can. You’ve just cooked lamb. Sordlist that is a ridiculous story. But let me actually give you an example. What do I mean by that? And I really encourage you to do so. What you should do, not just by pulling up aberrant, though.

I decide to sit down and have a picnic. The Abnormal aberrant, made a Flagrant foul. What do I mean? Example Sentence He humiliated his colleague by criticising him in front of the boss. Bhor in worlist means morning we regard morning with hatred’ki kyun aa gaya yaar kitna acha soye the’ so abhor. I’m eating my sandwich and I notice some mushrooms growing there on a log where I’m sitting, so I add them to my sandwich.


And I scream and I run to rge rangers and I tell them, “Sir, sir!

But now that I defined that doleful means mournful and sad, try to gee up with your own image. He sucks your ass, therefore he’s obsequious.


All School Stats in One Place. I gave badshah – A Bash in public, thus humiliating him GRE words with Mnemonics Abase: Many people generally abhor a bore person.

Powered by Mnemonic Dictionary ‘abate’ sounds like the hindi bait” means “come sit”. And maybe it’s not better but if you came up with one that you like, then great. Signing up is freequick, and confidential. But if you were picturing looking into the oven, through that transparent glassish covering, and there’s that lamb’s head just lambasting you, that is far more visual, far more likely for you to remember the definition.

So,abdicate is opposite to dictator ie losing power. Vocabulary Reference and Practice 2nd Edition. Abhore- Bore – Hate. Lalu in his bihari style could only say -‘A BET’. So this means still in existence a lot of people think it means extinct but it’s actually the opposite. And there he is stealing people’s money because cupidity well, cupid’s known for his excessive greed. So for instance in CGI, this animation, this computer animation. How to get 6. But in addition to being an ant, it has a huge head and it is the head of the bear and it is growling at me.


To remember better,ab normal is opposite to normal. Picture cupid flying around in his diaper, the cherub with his little angel wings, and instead of shooting his bow and arrow to people, saying, “I will make so-and-so fall in love.

High Frequency GRE Word List, Fun GRE Word List, Vocabulary GRE word list,

Where you have existent. A BASH makes them uncomfortable.

O office mein B boss ki SEQ secretary mndmonics lagake sunti hai meaning she listens slavishly to him. So if you were studying this word, you would look at the definition, maybe you would be a word detective, see how the word functions in context but you could also take it a step further. Verisimilitude means something has a likeness to reality. Well, let’s take a look here.