Dr. Günther Enderlein (–) whose main book Bacteria Cyclogeny was published in Enderlein was a visionary thinker who made. Günther Enderlein () saw the healthy host as filled with primitive life Enderlein’s work was the book by the French researcher A. Béchamp, titled. Dr Gunther Enderlein’s research has revealed the following: The cell is not the smallest visible living unit, but rather the colloid. This colloid has been termed the .

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Finally, the German researcher identified highly complex morphological structures as systases or petoharphen [12]. Apathogenic microorganism, can mutate into higher, disease related, toxic phases of development, depending on the effects of trauma from diet, chemicals, radiations and emotions. He also looked at many different parameters with stained preparations a fact often overlooked by Enderlein proponents who teach darkfield and determined the pathogencity of the so-called Endobiont [48].

Pasteur and the majority of the scientific community at that time did not accept this opinion, although later studies by renowned bacteriologists suggest that the scientific community was becoming more favorable to pleomorphism up until the mids. Hemichrom the part containing iron dissociates from globin protein partwhich then readily undergoes polymerization.

He used techniques available at that time, namely phase contrast and enderpein microscopy[3]. Of course, after more than 75 years, scientific knowledge is very different from what was known during Enderlein’s days.

Although many questions remain open on the cause of illnesses and the molecular mechanisms that enable and regulate life, science knows the precise prerequisites for organisms to exist and multiply. The answer is that science strongly depends on the techniques available at the time. Dnderlein secret of life is not only located in the DNA endetlein mainly the Proteom, the proteins made from the genes.

Email required Address never made public. InCharles Darwin published his theories about he Origins of Species, and in the Czech monk Gregor Mendel proposed his laws of inheritance, although he did not know about genes or DNA. An injection of harmless symbionts may help here as they are able to destroy larger valent microorganisms.

Günther Enderlein

Eventually the monomorphism concept of Enderleon Pasteur was accepted by the scientific community in the s. In the sera, a second protein called hemopexin binds to the oxidized iron and transports it to liver cells that remove it from the bloodstream.


He further thought that spermites induced the degradation of bacterial cells mychit to smaller units, namely symprotits and macrosymprotits. The history of the Sanum remedies Enderlein became the production manager for the company Sanum. In addition, human beings have: The dark field microscopy is able to show them, says Enderlein.

Proof that the blood is not sterile or germ-free as previously and currently presumed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Figure 2 shows the comparison of the two-dimensional protein patterns of the starting material to the cultured Darkfield Bodies. By contrast, modern medicine is based on the monomorphistic view that microbes exist primarily in one form and mainly attack the body from the outside.

He studied in Leipzig and Berlin and got his PhD in as a zoologist. Systase structures are morphologically comparable to fungus like Mucor racemosus or Aspergillus niger grown in liquid culture [19].

Only the larger organisms developed out of these particles were pathogenic bacteria or fungi, Enderlein uses the word valent for pathogen. This finally leads to destruction of the cell, unless the spleen eliminates it beforehand. InFrancis Jakob and Jaques Monod discovered that molecular switches exist on DNA, which means that genes expressed as proteins are tightly regulated.

In the human body, ATP is hydrolyzed to ADP adenosine diphosphatewhich provides energy for walking, thinking, hearing, seeing and other functions.

According to Enderlein, the different diseases of man are related to particular cyclodes leading to particular microorganisms. The smaller harmless particles are able to interact and to control the larger valent particles or organisms by their ability enderleih destroy them by a process of merging. Finally, as the cellular structures went through an upward development to more virulent forms due to a change in homeostasis.

To distinguish between these five possibilities, Proteom research was conducted enxerlein Christopher Gerner, Ph. The standard author abbreviation Enderlein is used to indicate this individual as the author when citing a botanical name.

Günther Enderlein –

As a result, he concluded that specific pathogenic structures develop in size and appearance depending enderleun the progress of a particular illness Endobiosis [14]. Science uses a background of knowledge to interpret events.

In the 20th century, the dark-field microscopy was discovered and it became possible to view live blood samples without the use of stains or other additives. Knowledge changes so rapidly that a hypothesis made today can be verified or falsified within months or few years.


The benefits of Live Blood Analysis An experienced and well-trained practitioner can use Live Blood Analysis to observe the shape and movement of your red blood enderlsin, revealing key nutrition markers such as your levels of iron, protein, vitamins, folic and fatty acids.

Using Live Blood Analysis to gauge your current health status and progress over time, you can stay motivated to make changes to your diet and lifestyle that benefit your health and well-being for the long-term. In conclusion, the so-called endobiontic infestation of erythrocytes and serum are aggregation of globin and albumin, due to oxidative damage and other stress factors.

However, his model of a life cycle of bacteria with a protein of plant origin protit as the starting point is no longer viable in light guntther the presented results. He concluded that these fungi were the polymerization product of ball-like structures composed of a specific protein of plant origin, the so-called protit [22].

His hypotheses about pleomorphism and cancer have now been disproved by science and have only some historical importance today.

Pasteur and the majority of the scientific community at that time did not accept this opinion, although later studies by renowned bacteriologists suggest that enderkein scientific community was becoming more favorable to pleomorphism up until the mids. He stated that small harmless and beneficial herbal particles were present tunther every animal or plant which may transform into larger and pathogen bacteria or fungi under certain circumstances.

At that time, the scientific community believed that proteins were the basic unit of all living beings and the basis of heredity. The building blocks for nucleic acids are nucleotides [57].

Learn how your comment data is processed. Live Blood Cell Analysis Your cells don’t lie. He was also the publisher of a newspaper called Akmon. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: If protits are unknown living organisms, they should: Each compartment is separated from the others by membranes.

In this case, an injection of symbionts may be helpful. As previously mentioned, Gnther Enderlein published his theory in He became professor in