Both the theory and practice of psychogeography have been around since , when French theorist Guy Debord coined the term. While it. Tate glossary definition for psychogeography: A term coined by the Marxist theorist Guy Debord in in order to describe the effect of a geographical location. A psychogeographic drift (a term introduced by Debord) is radically different from a conventional walk or a trip, which conform to rules and conventions, have a.

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Psychogeography – Art Term | Tate

But the use of taxis, for example, can provide a clear enough dividing line: Guide psychogeographique de Paris. Of all the affairs we participate in, with or without interest, the groping quest for a new way of life is the only thing that remains really exciting. Bibliografia ragionata sul’internazionale situazionista con testi inediti in italiano in Italian. Use decorations and surroundings to the best advantage.

Psychogeography combines subjective and objective knowledge and studies. Psychogeography, as the term suggests, is the intersection of psychology and geography. Their intentions remained completely as abstractions. Psychogeography Guy Debord PsychoGeography: Others, like a couple of the questionnaires, never worked at all, but even these I am loathe to throw away.

Psychogeography by Guy Debord

The more absurd and ridiculous the events one encounters on a drift, the more they guu likely to transform social ethics and aesthetics, because a new beauty can only be a beauty of situations, and never a beauty of readymade forms. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Debord readily admits in his film A Critique of Separation”The sectors of a city…are decipherable, but the personal meaning they have for us is incommunicable, as is the secrecy of private life in general, regarding which we possess nothing but pitiful documents”.


This is what makes psychogeography a particularly useful critique beyond mere urban re-enchantment. Tate Britain Commission Guy Debord — was a remarkable author, filmmaker, philosopher, revolutionary, and provocateur, famous for his involvement in French politics and culture in the postwar period.

Bureau of Public Secrets. Merlin Coverley gives equal prominence to this literary tradition alongside Situationism in his book Psychogeographynot psychogeeography recognising that the situationist origins of psychogeography are sometimes forgotten, but that via certain writers like Edgar Allan PoeDaniel Defoeand Charles Baudelaire, they had a shared tradition.

An introduction to the artwork and background of artist Psychoggeography Philipsz. Psychogeography Helen Dowling says: Psychogeographers advocate the act of becoming lost in the city.

The first of these means is undoubtedly the systematic provocative dissemination of a host of proposals tending to turn the whole of life into an exciting game, combined with the constant depreciation of all current diversions to the extent, of course, that these latter cannot be detourned to serve in constructions of more interesting ambiances. Road has replaced river. The geographical limitation of play is even more striking than its temporal limitation.

For scientific disciplines, see Cognitive geography and Environmental Psychology.

A founding member of the Situationist Internationalhe was a dedicated proponent of the idea of a cultural and social revolution, shared by many in the second half of the twentieth century. Other key figures in this version of the idea are Walter BenjaminJ. July 30, at deborf Choose the season and the time of day. About Psychogeography Psycho Gaming says: Walking to Marks Park in Bondi, the scene of a series of homophobic attacks in the swhich went largely unsolved, Brown observes: Read other TDN articles on psychogeography here.


September 26, at 9: Edbord present day, the term psychogeography covers more than navigation, play and the city. Reblogged this on Muhamad El-Fouly.


The fact that visitors did not know they were standing on a previous garbage waste site fascinated Sinclair. This sort of game is obviously only a feeble beginning in comparison to the complete creation of architecture and urbanism that will someday be within the power of everyone.

Anthrozoology Ecomusicology Psychogeograpgy communication Environmental education adult arts-based Environmental history Environmental interpretation Environmental journalism Environmental law Outdoor education Psychogeography Thematic interpretation. Retrieved from ” https: March 6, at 6: This entry was posted on Sunday, June 14th, at Segregation creates cities-within-cities, islands and seas of inclusion and exclusion.

The discoveries made during this period, documented in the group’s journal Viscosityexpanded the terrain of the psychogeographic into that of urban design and architectural performance.

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