Note: The complete part numbers shown here are the only H2C timers currently available. Some time H2CACB .. Canada – H2C. DIN-sized (48 x 48) motor timer with variable time ranges. Download documentation (enghlish only): datasheet H2C. Description; Brief; Details; Models. The substitute product in column (2) is H2C-8 Motor Timers with moving pointer because only Motor Timers can replicate the moving pointer function.

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Easy-to-monitor neon lamp for timing operation indication for,VAC types only. Easy-to-set large transparent knob and easy-toread single pattern scale facilitate time setting. Equipped with timing operation indicator and moving pointer.

Model Specify both the model number and supply voltage when ordering. Track mounted socket can be used as a front connecting socket. Rated time is displayed on the window.

Position of time range selector Time range code A 1. The front panel of the timer is color coded to identify the following supply voltage classifications: Blue to V: Characteristics Accuracy of operating time omrron. E Weight H2C series: Resetting time see note Rt: Resetting time For the types rated at 24 and 48 VAC, the timing operation indicator is not equipped.


All units are in millimeters unless otherwise indicated. For a load current of 6 A max. For a load current of 3 A max. This dimension applied to PFPN.

A total of twelve, 25 x 4. For a load current of 6 A, one spacer or an end plate is required. N2c a load current of 1 A max. A maximum of two time setting rings are connectable per timer.

OMRON H2C MANUAL Pdf Download.

The protective cover shields the front panel, particularly the time setting section, from dust, dirt, and water, as well as prevents the set value from being altered due to accidental contact with the time setting knob. Mounting Omroh hook portion A of the timer to the mounting track, then depress the timer in direction B.

Caution Be sure to turn the power off before changing the time specification. Changing the time range while b2c timer is in operation may cause a malfunction. Dismounting Pull out portion C with a round-blade screwdriver and remove the timer from the mounting track. Notice Power frequency Before using the timer, set the frequency selector located at the rear panel to the proper power frequency 50 or 60 Hz.

H2C F Omron Timer relay – Omnical

Note that if y2c frequency selector is set incorrectly, time measurement may not be performed accurately against the set time. The motor and clutch do not need to be reset simultaneously. Use the voltage applied to the clutch for resetting with the H2C-R. Do not allow power to be continuously applied to the motor and clutch for extended periods of time.


OMRON H2C Manual

Others Do not turn the operation time setting knob beyond the range of the scale. To achieve higher accuracy in setting, measure the operation time while turning the operation time setting knob. The deviation and setting error for the operation time shows the percent of FS. The absolute value of the deviation and setting error will not change even if the set time is changed. The time specifications should therefore be selected to use the operation time as close to FS as possible.

Be sure to keep the voltage within the allowable voltage fluctuation range. To convert millimeters into inches, multiply by 0. To convert grams into ounces, multiply by 0.