Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. The War Inquiry Commission was appointed by the President of Pakistan in December In its secret report, never. Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report. Chapter 1. The Moral Aspect. Introductory. In Chapter I of Part V of the Main Report, we have dealt at some length with. Hamoodur Rahman Commission – Supplementary Report – Kindle edition by Government of Pakistan, Hamoodur Rahman, Hamood ur Rahman. Download it .

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This writing is being put forward as a proof of the killings alleged to have been carried out in East Pakistan during the military operations. In the end, the commission opined in the report that the nation would learn the necessary lessons from these tragic events, and eeport effective and early action will be taken in the light of the conclusions reached.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission – Wikipedia

On April 15, the resignations were presented to the general. Troops were expected to man these fortresses after falling back from their forward: Niazi during his appearance before us, and he naturally denied them.

All wings of administration, relating to law and order were under the control of Martial Hamoldur Authorities. Hannan Abu Sayeed Chowdhury.

The fresh evidence recorded by us has only served to strengthen this conclusion as to the intentions of Gen. Meanwhile, during mid-AprilGen Zia told his military council that he would dissolve the federal cabinet a few months before the national elections.

We have also found that hamooduf no stage did he advise, or himself indulge in, actions opposed to public morality, sound political sense or humanitarian considerations.

Even if he had been obliged hamoour surrender, by force of circumstances, it was not necessary for him to behave in this shameful manner commossion every step of the process of surrender. The supplementary report is heavily based on testimonies provided by the returning POWs and their families but held the military responsible for the atrocities committed in East Pakistan in Ansari, ex-Comd, 23 Bde, Div – This officer assumed command of 23 Bde on the 14th of November and was responsible for the civil districts of Rangpur and Dinajpur, except the small area of Hilli which was under the control of Bde.


Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report

I was not so before. Archived from the original PDF on 4 March Niazi, namely, whether he was a Theatre Commander or merely a Corps Commander, although he has been officially described as Commander, Eastern Command.

We have also described the painful events leading to the ultimate surrender of such a large body of men and materials to the Indian Army at juncture when, by all accounts, the Pakistan Army was still able to put up resistance for anything up to two weeks or more.

This order was from Brigadier Abdullah Malik of 23 Brigade. We mention these facts not in justification of the atrocities or other crimes alleged to have been committed by the Pakistani Army during its operations in East Pakistan, but only to put the record straight and to enable the allegations to be judged in their correct perspective.

Updated December 30, Prisoner accord If Pakistan hopes to bring back to own prisons people sentenced abroad, it is even more reason to reform jail system. Farman Ali had sent out of East Pakistan a large sum of money, approximately Rs 60, through his nephew who was a Helicopter Pilot in the Army and left Dacca in the early hours of the 16th of December, As a result of these reverses he was relieved of his command on the 3rd of December Otherwise you will remain a mercenary army.

The falsity of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s repeated allegation that Pakistani troops had rapedBengali girls in was borne out when the abortion team he had commissioned from Britain in early found that its workload involved the termination of only a hundred or more pregnancies. So much damage could not have been caused by the entire strength of the Pakistan Army then stationed in East Pakistan even if it had nothing else to do.


He sees to have reached his ceiling and the Commission formed the impression that his further retention in service would not be in the public interest.

Gen Niazi and some of his subordinate Martial Law Administrators have no doubt claimed that they allowed full liberty of action to the civilian officials at various levels, but even they have conceded that in the peculiar situation prevailing in East Pakistan after the repodt action the Army necessarily continued to be deeply concerned with the maintenance of law and order, the restoration of communications and the revival of economic activity in the Province.

Jehanzeb and Brig Hayatullah. While we shall deal with the case of Maj Gen Rao Farman Ali separately, rayman he was not commanding any troops at the relevant time, we cannot help remarking that all the senior officers stationed in East Pakistan immediately before and during commiwsion war of must be held collectively responsible for the failings and weaknesses which reporf to the defeat of the Pakistan Army.

Ministry of Liberation War Affairs. The debate at one level is about the shame that Pakistan has been put to.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report

May eternal damnation be his fate. It was stated by Maj. But the GHQ failed in this important duty. It had submitted its report to the then President of Pakistan on the 12th July, Mohammad Ashraf Witness No. Niazi also because of the unsettled conditions obtaining in the Wing. hamopdur