Hana (Flower) Masaaki Kishibe (). Growing Up. 1/4. = Open D. 1 = D. 2 = A. 3 = F♯. 6 = D. 1. Capo. fret 2. 0. 2. 0. 0. 0. 2. 0. 0. 4. 2. Masaaki Kishibe, is an acoustic guitarist from Japan. Masaaki Kishibe was born in Osaka and began studying piano at a young age, eventually. Full lesson with video tutorial for Hana by Masaaki Kishibe.

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Find all posts by Kindness. It is perhaps because of this that many of Masaaki Kishibe’s tunes end up being possible for even beginners to play. Sections B and C get progressively more challenging, inviting the player into more complicated chord shapes and difficult techniques.

A younger Andy McKee toured with him before. Find all posts by brianwong.

The capo makes it easier to play. Originally Posted by banpreso.

Fingerstyle guitar Tabs

Masaaki Kishibe’s brand new album “Ways” Index View all solos lessons. Page 1 of 2. Hana was the first fingerstyle piece I learned thanks to Hofeibut that’s all I had been able to find since then. Also please let us know your name and mailing address. He tours with a wide variety of artists. Hwna, thanks, I’m going to order the CD and tab book now.


Hana Flower Tab – The Acoustic Guitar Forum

Needless to say, Masaaki Kishibe explains in Japanese only. A PowerTab version of Hana, along with some other tunes, is also available here: Used with uana ; please do not duplicate. Originally Posted by banpreso what tuning is this song in? An absolute joy to play for such a technically simple song!

Torigoe-san speaks english quite fluently, too. Here’s kishibr attempt at the song, recorded a little over a year ago in a hallway with my Zoom H4 sitting on the carpet in front of me: Spend many times or more!

So soothing and very inspired when I see this guy played it. This was made for Japanese market.

Hana Flower by Masaaki Kishibe Guitar Tabs Chords

Will email you later, Lisa. Has anyone ordered the tab book through this site? Tell Torigoe-san that Scott Smith says, “Hello! I finally added his most recent one “My Favorites” to my collection just yesterday.

Find all posts by ScottAllyn. mazaaki


The tone is so familiar! I have beenimpressed by his talent of songwriting which is played in regular tuning. Find all posts by banpreso.

You can find the tuning and capo position in the Hofei tabs I linked to look under Performance Info. But it must be a great opportunity for you to watch and see how he plays these songs carefully at your living room. All times are GMT An alumnus of Berklee College of Music, Masaaki Kishibe’s music is notable in that it is not excessively complex, allowing listeners of all types to enjoy.



Each price is not included shipping cost. Open tunings have been his “standard tuning” ever since. His cool brand of music ranges from jazzy, bluesy tunes to feel-good ballads that are sure to touch your heart. Copyright for this composition masxaki its notation belongs to Masaaki Kishibe.