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Dietary planning, self-efficacy, and outcome expectancies play a role in an online intervention on fruit and vegetable consumption. Psychology and De33 5 Psychological mechanisms in a digital intervention to improve physical activity: A multicentre randomized controlled trial.

British Journal of Health Psychology23 2 Day-to-day mastery and self-efficacy changes during a smoking quit attempt: Who benefits from a dietary online intervention?

Lisa Marie Warner, Publikationsliste

Evidence from Italy, Spain and Greece. Public Health Nutrition20 5 Short-term buffers, but long-term suffers? Differential effects of negative self-perceptions of aging following serious health events. Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Sciences and Social Sciences72 3 Regional resources buffer the impact of functional limitations on perceived autonomy in older adults with multiple illnesses. Psychology and Aging31 2 Revisiting self-regulatory techniques to promote physical activity in older adults: Null-findings from a randomised controlled trial.

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Appetite87 Beyond single behaviour theory: Adding cross-behaviour cognitions to the health action process approach. British Journal of Health Psychology20 4 Resource loss, self-efficacy, and family support predict posttraumatic stress symptoms: A 3-year study of earthquake survivors.

Anxiety, Stress, and Coping28 3 Planning and preparatory actions facilitate physical activity maintenance. Psychology of Sport and Exercise15 5 Changing self-perceptions on aging to enhance personal resources for the promotion of physical activity in older people: A pilot study to test the effectiveness of an evidence-based intervention in 4 countries France, Germany, Italy, Romania. European health psychologist16 1S.

Positive exercise experience facilitates behavior change via self-efficacy. Multiple illness perceptions in older adults: Effects on physical functioning and medication adherence. Health motives and health behaviour self-regulation in older adults. Journal of Behavioral Medicine37 3 Forschung zur Selbstwirksamkeit bei Lehrerinnen und Lehrern.

Sources of Self-Efficacy for Physical Activity. Health Psychology33 11 A randomized controlled trial to promote volunteering in older adults.

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Results from a randomised controlled trial. Psychology and Health29 8 Perceived self-efficacy and its relationship to resilience. In Saklofske, Donald H. Translating research into practice pp. Interactive effects of social support and social conflict on medication adherence in multimorbid older adults. Psychology and Aging28 4 Self-efficacy and multiple illness representations in older adults: Psychology and Health27 1 Contextual and individual predictors of physical activity: Interactions between environmental factors and health cognitions.

Handbuch Der Forschung Zum Lehrerberuf ISBN 3830930755 Isbn-13 9783830930754

Health Psychology31 6 Health-specific optimism mediates between objective and perceived physical functioning in older adults. Journal of Behavioral Medicine35 4 Physical activity intervention in older adults: Does a participating partner make a difference? European Journal of Ageing8 3 Medication beliefs predict medication adherence in older adults with multiple illnesses. Journal of Psychosomatic Research70 2 Changes in functional health, changes in medication beliefs, and medication adherence.


Health Psychology30 1 Sources of perceived self-efficacy as predictors of physical activity in older adults. Health and Well-Being3 2 Synergistic effect of social support and self-efficacy on physical exercise in older adults.

Journal of Aging and Physical Activity19 3 Maintaining autonomy despite multimorbidity: Self-efficacy and the two faces of social support. European Journal of Ageing8 1 Social resources and risk factors for autonomy and quality of life despite multimorbidity.

Emotional and uncontrolled eating styles and chocolate chip cookie consumption. A controlled trial of the effects of positive mood enhancement. Appetite54 Handbuchh and taking-Differential effects of providing, receiving and anticipating emotional support on quality of life in adults with multiple illnesses. Journal of Health Psychology15 5 Health and subjective well-being in later adulthood: Different health states – different needs? Health and Well-Being1 1 Bedingungen, Genese, Wirkungen und ihre Messung S.

Die Erledigung von Entwicklungsaufgaben im Konflikt mit schulischem Engagement.

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Psychological stage models of physical exercise – Research advances. Direkt zum Inhaltzur Suche. PsychAuthors Literaturliste von Dr. Lisa Marie Warner zum Autorenprofil. Gabriel Schui authors leibniz-psychology. Seite weiterempfehlen Seite drucken nach oben.