Harmonic’s ProView is the world’s first single rack unit (1-RU) scalable receiver, DVB descrambler, multiformat video decoder and MPEG stream processor. Harmonic’s ProView™ is the industry’s first single-rack-unit, scalable, AVC (H) video decoders, the ProView is ideal for full. A Typical ProView Configuration Using the Front Panel. The Harmonic ProView is a single rack unit (1RU) scalable receiver, DVB descrambler.

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Harmonic ProView 7000 User Manual

Software Upgrade Manager F. Restore To Defaults Menu The name length limit is 32 characters. The EPUP period is valid only when the products are operated or stored as per the conditions specified in the product manual.

To activate a preset: Select the input multiplex port. A card for the MN20 multiplexer. You can configure a new PID Offset. Enter the access code supplied by Harmonic and click Restore. Page Bit Error Rate. Decoding Buffer Delay — sets the delay time for the buffer.


Also See for ProView Installation manual – 6 pages. Mark the Descramble with checkbox.

ProHarmonic :: Decoders :: Options :: ProView DVB-S2 Firmware Upgrade License

The Bottom Card properties tab displays the following parameters on the bottom card installed in the device: Right-click the TS Port Output Port icon or any of the elements in the branch, to display a drop-down menu which features the following items: This manual also for: Set the Service Selection Mode: Also known as Dolby Digital.

Right-click an alarm entry in the Alarms box. No Genlock Sync The program cannot be decoded properly since the decoder Major could not sync to input Genlock signal. Select a CAM slot. Monitoring level, where the user can view the device parameters and status.


Page Entitlement Control Message. Some hardware configurations support up to four satellite RF inputs.

Allows you to synchronize the clock of the device with the network clock. In commercial applications, CAS allows controlled provlew to proprietary programs. Hertz Hz A unit of frequency defined as one cycle per second. From the Input box, drag the icon of the wanted program into the icon of the decoding channel in the Output box.


Confirm the confirmation dialog. Don’t have an account?

Harmohic icon is displayed in the Device box, and, if activated, it is also displayed in the Physical Input and Physical Output boxes. Power ratio in decibels dB of the measured power referenced to one milliwatt. Delete — Select the preset to delete.

It can also be the switching speed, or number of transitions voltage or frequency changesper second. It comprises two branch types; multiplexing branches To display the Device Explorer tab: Click OK to save advanced parameters.