HBM. A en. 1. Scope of supply. • Digital torque transducer (rotor and stator). • T12 Mounting Instructions. • Quick Start Guide for installing the T T12 CANbus/PROFIBUS. HBM. A en. CANopen interface. The CANbus is connected via male device connector 4 or 5. A maximum of. 32 CAN. The innovative digital torque transducer T12 is an ultra-high precision torque transducer for test benches and industrial use.

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Highest Efficiency with Maximum Precision. Message 7 of Probing about in the dll files with a “Call Library Function” node, indicates that there are some appropriate links, such as Read and Write and Status.

The multi channel data acquisition t122 measures and controls in real-time and is ideal for production processes and quality assurance.

HBMshop See prices, availability and get an instant quote. Select the EDS file and install it. T12HP – Dessins technique. T12HP is now available with rotational speed up to I attached the VIs for both methods.

Automotive and Embedded Networks

Anke Thanks for the information. HBM torque measurement technology – Brochure. T12HP – Prospetto dati.

T12HP – Data Hbk. We are upgrading from Method B assigned losses to Method A which requires us to measure torque and speed under different load conditions to determine the stray losses The present measurements are processed in LabVIEW 7, using GPIB and Serial instruments to get power, voltage, current and speed corrected for mains frequency.


HBM Torque Sensor T12 – Exxel Technology Pte Ltd – Your Premium Contract Manufacturing Partner

How to check the Baudrate of the PMX is explained in the following. Same thing with PDO2.

The original idea of logging the data was to add something like write measurement file -block to the case structure and the wait would do the phasing, but could the same be done otherwise?

So far I’m experiencing some difficulties: Double check for the correct file format.

The user friendly PC software provides you with many of functions that enable you to get correct results in a quick and reliable way. Experienced users are free to adopt a different approach. The T12HP torque transducer offers exceptional precision and superior performance for dynamic measurements in test benches to increase efficiency and optimize functionality. They cannot be used as the basis for any warranty or liability claims. And that’s when there’s neither rotation or load in the test motor’s shaft.

The non-contacting transducer combines the flexibility of digital signal conditioning with the measurement accuracy of a carrier-frequency amplifier without data or accuracy loss. Automotive and Embedded Networks: Message 2 of Please unzip all files before starting the installation. We have a lab for efficiency testing of electric motors to 75kW hence the Nm transducer for compliance with Mandatory Efficiency Performance Standard.


Contact us Please send a message and a representative will contact you nbm. In case the file is not available yet, it can be downloaded from the HBM Support site.

We also tried to lower the PDO send rate from the transducer parameters but it’s still to fast to be reasonable and with wait s we get problems.

Further help is available from the examples that are installed as standard on the desktop when the PMX package is installed and from the online Help for the package. My workday has just started and morning coffee break is still to come.

Torque comes through just fine but speed doesn’t.