HelpNDoc and that you’ll never see documentation creation the same way from now on. We even think you will enjoy it soon. This tutorial project will let you get. But for those who cannot afford RoboHelp there are some free alternatives out there like HelpNDoc; free at least for personal use. If you need to.

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A floating license server needs to be installed on an accessible server and will be responsible for leasing the licenses to HelpNDoc users. When a keyword becomes obsolete, it is possible to delete it from the keywords list.

To improve the usefulness of your documentation, you can provide hyperlinks to supplemental files that are located outside your documentation.

Welcome to HelpNDoc

As you update the settings and properties helpnoc your templates, it may become necessary to update the names of your templates as well. It has also correctly set up the “project title” 3. Notice how the live spell checker is always available to help.

When a template becomes obsolete, it is simple to delete it. The library is a central repository where you maintain your multimedia files.

Welcome to HelpNDoc

This new template is then available to you and can be used when publishing all of your projects. In the center section of the ‘New project’ window, a default table of contents outline is provided for you. You can sort items by type, caption, source, and topics. Content and topics tagged with included tags will be generated for that build while content tagged with others tags will be excluded.


A Free Help File Software: HelpNDoc

The PDF document contains not only the content from the CHM file, but also the images, hyperlinks and organizational structure, including the table of contents. Or, click on the ‘File’ menu tab, and then select ‘New Project’ from the menu options here on tutirial left bar.

HelpNDoc offers four kinds of topics. When a build becomes obsolete, it is possible to remove it from your build list. As easy helpdoc it is to create a new template for Word and PDF documentation formats from scratch, you can save time by copying an existing template.

Users expect their documentation to be easily accessible from the wide variety of devices available to them such as the popular eBook readers. HelpNDoc has automatically tutoiral the table of contents hierarchy for us.

HelpNDoc assigns a footer when you create a new topic. HelpNDoc allows you to define hyperlinks that are relative nelpndoc the position of the topics that readers are viewing when they click the hyperlinks.

When you publish your documentation, it is displayed with its assigned name.

Here is where you will enter your ‘Project title’ as well as selecting a project language. And the “project language” settings as requested That’s how easy it is to create new projects with HelpNDoc.


You can define the order of your outputs in your build list. When you delete a template, you are permanently removing the template as well as its settings and properties. This is what the TOC-typing screen looks like: It is also easy to deactivate a dictionary.

Online help – Learn how to use HelpNDoc | HelpNDoc

HelpNDoc makes it easy to create new templates from scratch. You can use the Project Analyzer to sort hyperlinks by their properties i. HelpNDoc has now automatically created the table of contents hierarchy you created in the ‘New project’ window.

When you insert a library item into your documentation, you are actually inserting a pointer to that item in your library. You can place topics in any order using the tree structure of your table of contents. HelpNDoc provides an easy-to-use organizational feature that allows you to select from various icons to classify your topics. Learn more and download HelpNDoc free for personal use at http: You can define the outputs that are generated when you publish your documentation.

HelpNDoc affords you tremendous flexibility to support dynamic requirements when you publish your documentation.