I quickly read through that TSB funny thing is, my ’08 Civic Hybrid exhibited these symptoms while still in warranty. Dealership did ultimately. Honda Civic Hybrid – Negative Camber Problem; What You Need To the same part numbers, but actually mentions the TSB “S/B# “. The Civic’s Rapid and Uneven Tire Wear Problem On February 8th, they issued a TSB (TSB ) describing repair procedures for.

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I told him this, and he replied to “just give it a try”.

Quote message in reply? By then, all 4 tires were JUNK But I thought you people might want to hear my sad tale.

Factory Service Bulletin for Rear Control Arms

I would like to thank who ever made this post!!!!! The time now is Also, taking the current alignment numbers would likely show the issue. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. The and newer models are largely unaffected by leaky engines and bad control arms, making them the recommended buy among eighth-generation Civics. The Honda dealer in Chatham-Kent mentioned that it has the “updated” upper control arm marked with a “white “C”.

Honda may decide to pay for some of it as a goodwill gesture, but you may find it cheaper to just use these control arms and install a camber kit that will solve your alignment troubles once and for all. He gives me the “well, with 41k you’re out of warranty”. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. A hidden warranty covers the block for eight years. So, in I go this morning, at 7: Cumbersome and time consuming approach, but success achieved at no cost to me, and tires not ruined.


I have been offered a loaner car each time it has been serviced, and two times I have taken them up on it. Options Quote message in reply? If you want copy, please send an e-mail to me at william.

What Owners Are Saying

Welcome to Greenhybrid, kgs! Find More Posts by janetsusan. Anyone dealing with this issue owes it to themselves to read through this and prepare for what you are GOING to be dealing with!!!!!

I’ve had better luck with GM and Ford than this. I hike up the seat so I can see over the steering wheel I’m short Of course they offered free repairs and a loaner but this was the weekend I was scheduled to drive back to Chicago.

Service bulletin for rear upper control arm There was a TSB for excessive rear camber on the cars that originally did not include the Si models. BB code is On. They are already costing me money by ruining tires I would have otherwise gotten another year out of WITHOUT them sounding and feeling unstable and unsafe I really question that decision at this time. Excellent first gsb, BTW. I specifically told them NOT tsbb align it yet, as the second I picked it up I was on my way to purchase tsv tires, and would be back for the alignment immediately.

BTW, they wanted me to replace all 4 tires.


Send a private message to mishra. I quickly read through that TSB There was not enough muscle to coax the Civic from a standstill by electric power alone, however.

This advisor seemed stunned that I was planning on waiting, stating that I needed to leave it overnight. But fsb of all, I need to get it in to get it diagnosed to “see if there is even a problem The top of the service bulletin says “all civics except SI” It doesn’t give a VIN range, so it leads me to believe that this is for anyone but the SI guys I do think you need to civiic tire wear or problem with noise for them to do anything.

New TSB for Rear Camber Problem: (merged) – 8th Generation Honda Civic Forum

In early August, when I was suddenly shopping for a car after a family Corolla wiped out in a bad rainstorm, I found a gently-used Civic Hybrid at Proctor Honda — txb nice price on a car that was virtually new.

Does anyone know the number or have a link to it? I know NOW the problem is well documented Sparkle is the newest car I’ve driven in 20 years; my previous car, a ’93 Civic, is still in the family and doing quite well.

I am just concerned that Honda isn’t paying for their design flaw.