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They let artist after artist come through here and will not provide that one last curtain call to secure an encore – the frosting on the cake of having such artists on stage, and after a meaningful performance there’s no harm in asking them to bora a little bitand it seems the more depth of the performance and the music, the shorter the applause lasts.

This suggestion shortcuts past the discussion that Isaac Stern has offered sorry to bring him again about the thumb working up into the stick. And also in small cities, where it’s not so much the “vibe” of the audience, but the hostility of the players in the orchestra or the condutor.

Sometimes this sort of approach becomes more of a flying spiccato and goes a bit off the string, more than an actual “staccato” which supposedly viloin leave the string but rather starts and stops. And especially dynamic ones since this dialog staccatl continuing. Posted August 22, Julius Baker Flute Recital.

Not neccessarily in a narcissistic or ‘in your face’ sort of way. Closer to the bridge, the feel is “firmer” due to restricted string movement.

I had success using my wrist rather than the staccafo arm technique ala Heifetz, but that is reasonable as I use a Staccaot grip rather than a Russian grip technique. The Very Best of Jascha Heifetz. I dunno that this is completely true as kids will likely nod their heads “yes” to most any of my questions.


I can now do full up and down bow staccato, even and well articulated from the very tip to the very frog, but at only about half the tempo needed. Staccat lurked for years here and have enjoyed the information, jousts and the expertise the apparent friendships. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Pops Around the World.

I only need to speed it up a couple of clicks to get to a Hora Staccato tempo. This level of tedium for any reader in writing and explanationi apologize. Posted August 21, stwccato You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. For the advanced player, it’s even worse because we can feel the deviation develop, while amateurs can’t respond until the bow is way off track. So much so that there was a collective hesitation from the audience disrupting the event with any applause.

I Like the Violin!: As a violinist, the approach might have to be different, in that there is a snooze factor. Personally, as a kid who ate dirt the minute the hands off came off the handlebars, i’m very cautious when playing for the public.

Hora staccato (Take 1) [Arr. for Violin & Piano]

Show pieces don’t necessary fall into this catagory, but we know when it’s a disappointment. I think some players use the stiff arm method, such as Heifetz. On the big stage, there is an expectation from the audience, whatever that might be. Prev 1 2 Next Page 2 of 2.

Media Clips & Music Sheets

Walking in the Air. For one kid, it was easy as making contact with the pinky finger on the stick, as it confined the hand motion from being too wild.

A bad change can result in a “bump” in the dynamic, similar to the ones we develop when we play for too long in an amateur orchestra. Tomita’s Greatest Hits CD. SO the contentious reality is, that it might be possible to continue to play well, despite doing very complex, and possibly detrimental things with our individual fingers.


Again, it’s too complex to discuss deformation and elasticity here, but a metaphor is being offered. The Master of Romantic. I read these tips with great interest as up and down bow staccato is one of the techiques that I had never mastered and as viola major, it wasn’t violij emphasized.

In his arrangement, Heifetz says it can be played hra.

Yora teachers at Master classes simply because of limited time offer the Obi-wan-esque advice of trust-in-the-hand. Though your crossing is probably not in this location, please allow for this analysis. Nothing to apologize for Baiorin. Isaac Stern Presents Encores.

Reading these comments and descriptions seemed to help, I think that I may just get it.

We are battling for people’s attention. As for the string crossing, it depends on when or where, but vioiln visualize it this way: The Art of Oscar Shumsky. German Brass Around the World, Vol.

Dinicu – Hora Staccato Violin Heifetz Violin/Piano

Ma ejjel kigyul egy csillag az egen: Good ministers and preachers are the same way. But at many violin recitals, the audience can’t wait for the stale cookies. However, I keep my spirits up by reminding myself that my vibrato development was also a long and arduous journey, but once I got it, it became one of my strenths. Three Centuries of the Greatest Hits. But talking to experts in tennis and golf, generally, the more contact duration in time the ball makes with strings or the club face, more control is given to the player.

This feedback in the hand, and the brain panicking, can make things worse. Now, with apologies faulting youthful brashness, perhaps it might be possible to play as well at that age. Man with the Golden Flute.

Trumpet of the Century.