Putprojekt – engineering team possesses a long working experience in the Belgrade. Design solutions are based on their experience of solving traffic problems. Elementi saobraćajnog projektovanja: horizontalna signalizacija. Front Cover. Branimir Stanić, Predrag S. Zdravković, Smiljan Vukanović, Slobodan. Saobraćajne znakove djelimo na: Horizontalnu i vertikalnu signalizaciju. Saobraćajna signalizacija. Horizontalna signalizacija. Horizontalna.

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Pismorad – S Vama u prometu od

During the eighth cycle of campaign, schools will get CDs with educational film about the basic rules applicable to the participants in traffic. By parking on this specially horizontala parking place, our customers will be made aware of the fact, that by paying for the parking they also help the nearest school.

Children safety in traffic is a priority, and we need to work preventively every day and to teach the children how to behave safely on their way from home to school. We have made some steps towards this and this visit has done us good.

The price for towing services needs to be paid before taking the vehicle, at the cash desk with a registration card and identity card of the vehicle owner. Did you forget the umbrella today?


Delegation visited the Embassy of Republic of Serbia, and had a conversation about the economy and ways of cooperation. When taking the umbrella you are to sign the documents acknowledging the deadline and conditions of its returning.

Umbrellas can be rent at: Tire repair service prices reduced.


The campaign will be carried out within the schools located in area under zone parking system. Ramps, hallways, pay stations, horizontal and vertical traffic signs were renewed, with sifnalizacija accommodations for the customers, such as common areas.

Parking control suspended on National Day. Illegally parked vehicles, from today, on the pond in Dunavska Street also.

Latest – Parking Service

There were several actions of this kind during the last year and the results are already proved to be measurable. Horizontala educational play will give the pupils basic knowledge about traffic signs and responsible behavior on the road.

During the day, a driver made two traffic offences by parking his car illegally. During the holidays the Customer service desks in Kraljice Marije Street no.

“Pionirski park“ accommodations and repairs

Few dozens of cars have been towed away by the orders of Traffic Police. They are required to show the traffic license and the identity card to prove the vehicle is theirs.


This nonchalance and the absence of any investment in a public garages, as it used to be until now, is quite unacceptable. If it had been continued this kind of negligence would have been easily endangered the garage constructions. Also caution boards were installed, for the drivers and companions safety.

Repairs and renewal of the other public garages, are expected to start in signalizcaija. I myself found these public garages in one rather neglected state. All the public garages and special car parks will work non-stop during the holidays.

This is a garage in the very heart of the city with the great amount of vehicles flow every day. Tow truck service will work as per weekend schedule according to the priorities set by the traffic police and communal inspection.

Ladies, whose cars were illegally parked and towed away on the order of the communal police or traffic police, will not be charged with the fine. All must obey the law.