A Magician Among the Spirits by Harry Houdini Effect The Original Manuscript, from the Christopher Collection – In , Houdini’s prized effort, A Magician. Cambridge Core – History of Ideas and Intellectual History – A Magician among the Spirits – by Harry Houdini. A MAGICIAN. AMONG THE SPIRITS. BY. HOUDINI. Illustrated. Publishers. HARPER & BROTHERS. New York and London. MCMXXIV.

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There’s an earlier chapter on Daniel Dunglas Home, the English engineer of spectacular paranormal effects.

Houdini A Magician Among the Spiri

Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. Houdini raises hell with spiritualists who were giving their usually paying clients a vision of heavens to come, and shares the methods used to practice “fake” and sensational spiritualism.

Jan 24, Ceejay rated it really liked it. Jan 19, Barry Haworth rated it it was amazing Shelves: After the article, Houdini responds with a verbal “this is what was really going on” peek behind the curtain of his shows. To ask other readers questions about A Magician Among the Spiritsplease sign up.

I am even more sad to part with Houdini, who must now return to being dead at least until I pick up the book again. Now Richard Kaufman and Maurine Christopher have published the original typed manuscript in facsimile, with handwritten corrections by Houdini and Oscar Teale.

Learn how to impress your friends with the tricks of the pseudo-psychic! In the end, Houdini chalks magiciam whole thing up to largely being a case of what he calls mal-observation. It was a heyday not only for Houdini but for the spirit-callers and there was an equally famous protagonist who thought the spirits could indeed be contacted, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

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An annotated edition which filled some of these blanks would fill this gap nicely. The whole country Harry Houdini and his exposure of the fraud spiritualist, spirit photography, spirit slate writing, ectoplasm, clairvoyance, and other quackery and cons perpetrated on the gullible, by the likes of the Boston Medium Margery, the Davenport Brothers, Annie Eva Fay, the Fox Sisters, Daniel Dunglas Home, Eusapia Pallandino, and other con artists of their ilk.

They would be draped in the finest clothes and jewels, put up in lavish residences, enjoying the benefits of a nicely padded bank account. This is fun stuff. A great magician and a man in search of a life hereafter, takes on the phonies as his search continues to see if their really is something on the other side.

Harry Houdiniwhose real name was Erik Weisz, was one of the most famous magicians and escapologists of all time.

Instead, he says, he realized he was able to explain virtually everything he saw in terms of distraction and slight of hand tricks magicians employ all the time. I learned a lot from it One zpirits funny example he gives is a reprint of an article someone wrote about one of his performances, claiming that Houdini couldn’t possibly be human to pull off the feats he did.


A Magician Among The Spirits

The End by Rick. He did not delude himself or otherwise lie.

It is, of course, shot through with fakes, then and now. Unfortunately, he also had a tendency toward bullying, which is a too-common trait of activist skeptics. No minimum to get free shipping on this item. Another reviewer remarked that it was not technical but oddly emotional. I felt this especially with this book, and even wished that I could meet Houdini, could have met Houdini when he was alive.

Houdini’s take on the spiritualist movement mafician the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

It’s sometimes fairly hard to feel compassion for bullies and braggarts. I found the details about his friendship with Conan Doyle to be heartbreaking. A wonderful, wonderful book. This is not the edition I saw, which was a pamphlet in ‘library binding’ which covers a multitude of sins. Sep 18, Angie Fehl rated it really liked it. Tge the book was written largely as a manual to disarm and dissemble the con artists that were p While I was expecting more technical explication, Houdini presents his extensive research on the then epidemic wave of Spiritualism in a logical, forthright, and pleasant manner.

These included spirit writing, table rapping, spirit manifestations, and levitation. Houdini was nothing if not unrelenting.