zaljubljenih Uuodenje u urt ljubaui. Uvod Hoala Allahu, Gospctdarusoih s’ujetooa . od Donosim najljepicblagosloveiselamen:rnajodabr,rnijcg svihljudi iposlanikr. Ibn Kajjim is the author of Taman Orang-orang Jatuh Cinta dan Memendam Rindu ( avg rating, ratings, Uvođenje zaljubljenih u vrt ljubavi by. Download pdf book by Ibn Kajjim – Free eBooks. Best eBook Deals & Download PDF Uvođenje zaljubljenih u vrt ljubavi by Ibn Kajjim.

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On the other hand, Serbian natives are, by definition, unsuitable candidates for such a venture, and they accomplish much better results in translating from Arabic.

Uvodjenje Zaljubljenih U Vrt Ljubavi

Only one anthology of poetry belongs to classical period. Thus, Chart 1 depicts general publishing flows from till Second reason is that the country faced severe social and political changes. During the 22 years we have covered in this research, 8 years 6 Cf. This only makes the role of the translator as the mediator even more important.

The most famous by all means is late Mahfouz, the winner of the Nobel Prize for literature in Even more alarming is the fact that reviews concerning Arabic literature are only occasionally published in the periodicals. Srce je ovisno o Allahu!

Uvoenje Zaljubjenih u Vrt Ljubavi – Ibn Kajim

Tirmizijina zbirka hadisa sa komentarom. El- Kelimeh ; Sarajevo: Poetry, children literature, and non-literary texts are absent. When discussing the literary and non-religious translations, in most of the cases, translators are the ones who suggest or kajjjim offer the literary works to the publishing houses. Their reviews, articles and studies could attract attention of potential publishers to some new, yet undiscovered names, styles and phenomena in this literature.

Narodna knjiga – Alfa, Beograd: Whether we were to analyze the whole 22 years or just the last 12 years due to the exceptional circumstances in the country, our conclusion would be the same: The memoirs of Osama ibn Munqidh, The Book of Learning by Example and provided the vdt with a rare opportunity to learn more of the Crusades from Arabic perspective, to get to know something about customs and ways of the Arabs in that period. Odgovori na zablude o islamu. It did not have any impact on Serbian market, nor was it properly obn and analyzed by the experts.


This was caused by lack of teaching staff and a rather modest number of students at the Department untill mid sixties which prevented appearance of translations. Samizdat B92, Lazarevac: Though the International Belgrade Book Fair in the lnubavi week of every October is by all means the best place for Arab publishers and authors to visit and participate, we have no knowledge if such a visit had ever occurred.

Tayeb Saleh one novel in two editionsBahaa Taher two novelsIbrahim Aslan one novelGamal Ghitany one novel and one nonliterary workSalwa Bakr one collection of short storiesNawal al-Saadawy one novelGhassan Kanafany one novel and others. The trouble with translating Arabic related text is of the practical nature, and the language it was written in is probably the least of the issues. Remember me on this computer. Nea, Novi Beograd: Das Elixir der Glueckseligkeit.

The poorest period for publishing single volume books was between and and Chart 4 clearly shows prevailing tendency for publishing articles.

Introducing Arabic children literature is also one of them. This is a paradox of its kind, given the importance of the names that appear among the translated authors who write in Arabic. We can only mention that periodicals were mostly publishing short stories and poetry, and on very rare occasions, selected parts of a novel. Why would someone turn to translating via intermediary language if the translators for Arabic already exist and actively participate in the translation business?

That level of the linguistic knowledge is insufficient for the demands of the literary translation. This applies for both literary and non-literary translations, via all the languages we have included in this research. But, there are still those rare professionals who treat their associates with deserving respect thus proving that it is possible to manage publishing business without cheating.


Arabic literary translations, like most other Oriental languages, still get translated every once in a while not directly but via other languages, mostly English, much less French, German and Russian. Ovaj blog sam iskljucivo napravio da bi pridobio sto vise pripadnika islamu i da ljudi koji neznaju bas toliko o islamu saznaju vise.

A total of 29 single volume titles were translated in the past 22 years. Because of its involvement, Serbia was in that period under very strict economic embargo which, along with inner economic problems and large number of refugees lead to tremendous lkubavi. It is evident that the space and means for promoting Arabic literature are not even remotely exploited and there is an immense and urgent need for a stronger cultural cooperation between Serbia and Arab countries.

Arabic literary translation in Serbia is burdened with maybe even too many problems. They are usually zaljubljenin interested in the literature, and they usually learn only so much of the Serbian language to meet their communicative and professional needs.

Skip to main content. That leaves them either to buy among the modest choice of books at newsstands, to travel to a larger and better supplied city, or to buy on the internet. Biblija ne spominje poslanika Huda a. Sibta rresul el Hasanu vel Husejnu.

Uvođenje Zaljubjenih u Vrt Ljubavi – Ibn Kajim – PDF Free Download

Looking at the translated titles, it is obvious that the translators have been choosing renowned Arab authors for their work. There is another issue: This whole issue deserves to be treated separately and in greater detail. El-Kelimeh, ; Sarajevo: Djeca su veliki amanet: They either belong to the older generation sixty or more yearsor younger generation bellow kajmim.