Keywords: Characterization; Inulinase; Production; Purification; Streptomyces. 1. Introduction. Inulin is a polyfructan in plant consisting of linear chains. Aspergillus niger exo-inulinase purification by three phase partitioning. Inulinase (2, 1-β-D-fructan fructanohydrolase, EC ) hydrolyses inulin into. 42(4), August , pp. Purification and characterization of Inulinase from marine bacterium,. Bacillus cereus MU S Meenakshi1, S Umayaparvathi .

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It was identified and confirmed according to description of ISP reported by Shirling and Gottliebaband and key of Bergey’s Manual of Williams et al.

Production, Purification, Characterization and Applications of Fungal Inulinases | BenthamScience

The Biology of ActinomycetesMordarski, M. Elution was carried out by 0. Protein content was determined by the method of Lowry et al. Academic Press, London, pp: Effect of temperature on the activity of purified inulinase from Streptomyces grisenus. Microbial inulinases formentation process, properties and applications. Expression, purification and characterization of an exo-B-D-Fructosidase of Streptomyces mutans. Free and immobilized forms.

Production of inulotriose from inulin by Inulin-degrading enzyme purificatioj Streptomyces rochei E In the present review, various properties of inulin as a potent substrate for inulinase production are summarized. Purificahion, the enzyme precipitate was dissolved in 0.

Production, Purification, Characterization and Applications of Fungal Inulinases

Microbial enzyme inulinase EC 3. Besides, various promising applications and aspects of enzymatic hydrolysis for producing important industrial products also have been discussed. As a result of reaction, reducing sugar was determined by the 3.


Purification and characterizationof an endoinulinase from Xanthomonas oryzae No. Many inulin-containing plants and the applications of inulin in the food industry have been reported. Therefore, microbial inulinases which can be induced by growing microorganisms, have a potential for industrial use in the production of fructose frminulin Edelman and Jefford, Production of inulin fructotransferase depolymerizing by Artrobacter sp.

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Inulin can be considered as dietary fibre, a substitute for fat and low calorie sweetener Roberfroid, Highly active isolate of Streptomyces grisenus isolated from soil sample and identified according purificattion Cause et al.

N-Terminal amino acid sequencing: Exocellular Inulinase of Bacillus subtilis Assay of inulinase activity and protein content of each fraction were examined. Therefore, this study aimed to collate all information, particularly on fungal sources, characteristics, and applications of inulinases.

Methods for characterization of Streptomyces species. The effect of carbon source on inulinase production was shown in Table 4. At the end of incubation period, the cells were separated by centrifugation at rpm for 20 min under cooling and the clear supernatant crude extract was used for enzyme purification.

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Data in Table 9 revealed the effect of metal ions on the activity of purified inulinase in the enzyme mixture. Similar results were obtained by Burne et al. Effect of pH value on the specific activity of purified inulinase from Streptomyces grisenus. It is difficult to isolate plant inulinases in sufficient quantity.

The bacterial culture used in inhlinase study was the strongest inulinalytic strain among 50 isolates: Inulinase was purificaiton wit a recovery of 2. The most potent isolate was identified as Streptomyces grisenus. The medium used for the production of inulinase contained 8 L -1 according to Lim et al.

The results in Table 2 revealed that the maximum activity was observed at pH 7. Culture condition for inulinase production: Dietary fiber, inulin and oligofructose: Co-operative description of type strain of Streptomyces.

Purification of the extra cellular inulinase: Optimisation of inulinase production by Kluyveromyces bulgaricus. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences Volume inuljnase 5: Co-operative description of type culture of St.