◇During normal operation of the ION / ION meter, hazardous voltages are present on its ter- minal strips, and throughout the connected potential. PowerLogic ION Used at key distribution points and sensitive loads, ION and ION meters offer unmatched functionality including advanced . Download: PowerLogic™ ION / ION Meter User Guide – PowerLogic ION/ION,PowerLogic ION RTU.

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During normal operations this LED should blink intermittently as the meter measures power.

Maximum Length m ft. Ensure t he ground wire is securely conne cted on both e nds. XXX displayed for power measurements 1. Pin 8 – Clear to Se nd- Pin 7. Operation of this eq uipment.

Schneider Electric ION User’s Manual |

The password is set to 0 zero in the factory. Use arrow buttons to move up and down in list.


Wire the Ground Terminal Connect the mter to a good earth ground with a 2. Lagging PF – Q4: These lim its are designed to pr ovide re asonable protection against harmful interferenc e when the. Schneider-Electric Schneider-Electric-Weather-Radio-IonUsers-Manual schneider-electric-weather-radio-ionusers-manual schneider-electric pdf. V1, V2, V3, V4 harmonics. T ransformer on Vb Normal or Inverted N ormal.

Load Current 80 mA per channel. It can be used for. Lat e nc y min.

Isolation to Ground V. Lagging PF – Q2: Overload A RMS for 1 s, non-recurring. It can be used for Alarm notification. TRAN transdu cer Model.

MasterDNP V3. Analog Outputs Meter Ordering Option: The front panel only prompts you for the meter password once, before you make your first configuration change.

Powerlogic ION Meters | Energy Insight

You can also access this se ttin g via the Ion7560 Setup menu. Use PTs for higher volt ages. Pin 7 – Reque st to Send- Pin 8.

English, Spanish, F rench.

Powerlogic ION 7650 Meters

Do not use metal door hinges as a grounding point. Power up the meter. Form A Digital Outputs: T urn- On Time 15 ms max. Isolation to Ground VDC.


Connector T ype RJ45 modular. Connector Ring or split ring con nector. Eth erG at e C OM 2 Location Front of met er. Data Rate bps — 56 kbps. Network Compatibility Noti ce for the Internal Modem.

See the ION Setup online help for details. T urn- Off Time 5 ms max. Auto, 10BT hal f, 10BT full.


D4 meyer is factory-co nfigured to pulse on ce every 1. Use the left and right ar row. Maximum Length m ft full dupl ex. Pulse Rate 20 pulses per second. Modem RI Green Indicates a ring is detected by the modem.